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“To Hell With The Spirit Of Game”- Hardik Pandya Comes Out Clear With His Stance on Mankad

Hardik Pandya has been all over the headlines lately and for all the right reasons. The true phoenix of Indian cricket, the all-rounder has witnessed a redemption of form like no other. Pandya assisted Virat Kohli in India’s latest historic win over Pakistan in the T20 World Cup clash. And now as the euphoria of the win has somewhat calmed down, Pandya gave his two cents on the “Mankad” rule.

Not so surprisingly, Mankad doesn’t exist now, the term of course. Now, as per the ICC rulings, if a bowler runs out the non-striker for breaching the crease, it’s a simple run-out. However, many have not welcomed the rule as expected. Recently, the cricket world divided over the run-out incident where India’s Deepti Sharma ran out England’s Charlie Dean on the non-striker’s end. The match and the ODI series sided with India with the hosts sourly-taken defeat. Many, especially the English cricketers, brought in the “Spirit of the game” debate citing the run-out by Sharma as a nasty move.

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Hardik Pandya Opines On The Run-Out Rule

The discussion is still going on with many prominent English names insisting on upholding the spirit of the game over running out a non-striker. However, Hardik Pandya likes to differ. Recently, when asked about his take on the matter, he iterated that it’s a rule so it should be treated as that. Pandya believes there’s no space for further debate if the ICC has already termed the dismissal as a legit one.

“We need to stop making a fuss about this (running out at non-striker’s end). It is a rule as simple as that. To hell with the spirit of the game,” Pandya said about the rule. “If it is there, remove the rule, as simple as that. The ones who have problem, good for them, that is fine,” he further elaborated.

When asked if he personally finds it troubling, Pandya actively dismissed the possibility. “Personally, I have no problem with it (running out for backing up far at the non-striker’s end). If I am walking out (of the crease) and someone runs me out, that is my mistake. He (the bowler who runs him out) is using the rule to his advantage, that is fine, that’s not a big deal,” Pandya opined.

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