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Who is John Stockton Wife? Know all about Nada Stepovich

John Stockton and Nada Stepovich's paths crossed when they were both attending college. They quickly developed a strong bond, leading to a committed relationship.

John Stockton, renowned as one of the greatest point guards in NBA history playing for Utah Jazz, has left an indelible mark in the world of basketball. His professional exploits are well-documented and celebrated, and he’s gained recent attention for his controversial stance against the COVID-19 vaccine, further thrusting him into the spotlight. However, his personal life, especially his relationship with his wife, Nada Stepovich, also garners interest. Married for over three decades, Nada has been John’s steadfast partner, providing support and strength through his career, and undoubtedly, through recent events. This article aims to shed light on John Stockton wife Nada Stepovich.

Who is Nada Stepovich, John Stockton wife?

Nada Stepovich is largely known as the wife of NBA legend John Stockton. However, she possesses a rich identity beyond this association. Born into the notable Stepovich family, Nada is the daughter of Mike Stepovich, the last territorial governor of Alaska. While maintaining a life away from the public eye, Nada has focused her efforts on family, raising six children with John. Also Read: Who is Miguel Cabrera Wife, Know all about Rosangel Cabrera

Nada Stepovich Age, Height, and Weight

The specifics about John Stockton wife Nada Stepovich’s age, height, and weight are kept private, reflecting her preference for a life away from the spotlight. It’s known, however, that she shares a similar age bracket with her husband, John Stockton, who was born in 1962.

How did John Stockton and Nada Stepovich meet?

John Stockton and Nada Stepovich’s paths crossed when they were both attending college. They quickly developed a strong bond, leading to a committed relationship. In 1986, their love story culminated in marriage, and they’ve since built a family and a life together, standing as pillars of support for each other. Also Read: Who is Chris Bosh Wife, Know all about Adrienne Williams Bosh

Nada Stepovich Religion, Ethnicity, and Nationality

Nada Stepovich is a practicing Catholic, a faith that has been a central part of the Stockton family’s life. She is of Serbian descent, highlighting her rich cultural heritage. Born and raised in the United States, Nada holds an American nationality.

Nada Stepovich Instagram

Nada Stepovich maintains a very private life, including on social media platforms. She doesn’t have a public Instagram profile, choosing instead to share moments of her life with a close circle of friends and family away from public scrutiny.

Nada Stepovich Net Worth and Annual Income

While the specifics of Nada Stepovich’s net worth and annual income are not publicly known, she shares in the considerable wealth amassed by her husband throughout his illustrious NBA career. The couple is known for their philanthropic activities, contributing to several charitable causes. Also Read: Who is Cooper Rush Wife? Know all about Lauryn Rush

All you need to know about Nada Stepovich

Full Name Nada Stepovich 
Date of Birth 1962
Age 60
Height  –
Weight  –
Nationality  American 
Religion  Catholic
Ethnicity  –
Education  –
Children  David, Michael, Laura, Samuel, Lindsay and Huston Stockton 
Net Worth  –
Income  –

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