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Who is Eric Bieniemy wife? Know all about Mia Bieniem

In the world of American football, Eric Bieniemy's name resonates as one of the influential figures in coaching.

In the world of American football, Eric Bieniemy’s name resonates as one of the influential figures in coaching. His tenure as the Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive coordinator has seen numerous victories, thanks to his strategic brilliance. However, away from the football field, Eric’s personal life, particularly his relationship with his wife, Mia Bieniemy, also sparks interest. Mia has stood by Eric, offering him unwavering support throughout his professional journey. This article will unveil more about Eric Bieniemy wife Mia Bieniemy, the rock behind him.

Who is Mia Bieniemy, Eric Bieniemy wife?

Mia Bieniemy is best known as the wife of the prominent NFL coach Eric Bieniemy. But her identity extends far beyond this association. A dedicated wife and mother, Mia values her family above all else, providing a strong support system for Eric and their two children. Also Read: Who is Chael Sonnen wife? Know All About Brittany Smith

Mia Bieniemy Age, Height, and Weight

Specifics regarding Mia Bieniemy’s age, height, and weight are not publicly known, respecting her desire for privacy. She shares a similar age range with her husband, Eric Bieniemy, who was born in 1969. Mia leads a healthy lifestyle, focusing on both physical and emotional well-being.

How did Eric Bieniemy and Mia Bieniemy meet?

The details about the first meeting between Eric Bieniemy and Mia Bieniemy are not publicly disclosed. This closely guarded secret is a testament to their private nature. Regardless of the specifics of their first meeting, it’s evident that they’ve built a strong and supportive relationship over the years. Also Read: Who is Max Homa Wife? Know more about Lacey Croom

Mia Bieniemy Religion, Ethnicity, and Nationality

Mia Bieniemy is a Christian, and her faith plays a significant role in her personal life and family values. She is African-American, adding to the multicultural fabric of the United States. Mia holds American nationality, having lived and worked in the U.S throughout her life.

Mia Bieniemy Instagram

Respecting Mia’s desire for privacy, she does not maintain a public Instagram account. Her social media interactions are limited to her close friends and family. This decision reflects her preference for a life away from the public spotlight. Also Read: Who is Mickey Joseph Wife? Know all about Priscilla Joseph

Mia Bieniemy Net Worth and Annual Income

The specifics of Mia Bieniemy’s net worth and annual income remain undisclosed. However, she shares the wealth accrued by her husband, Eric, through his successful coaching career in the NFL.

All you need to know about Mia Bieniemy

Full NameMia Bieniemy 
Date of Birth 1969
Age 53
Nationality American 
Religion  Christian
Ethnicity African – American
Education –
Children  Eric Bieniemy III and Elijah Bieniemy 
Net Worth –
Income  –

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