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WrestleMania 39 Day 1 Results- Part 3, Rey Had The Upper Hand, Rhea Had Her Day

Wrestlemania never fails to deliver and Day 1 of the event just proved that fact. It was spectacular, Spellbinding, and captivating.

Los Angeles is hosting the biggest sports event of the year, which is no less exciting than a movie. Day 1 has a great card and is full of stars that will make the event worth watching. This is WrestleMania.

From the return of John Cena to the road to the redemption of KO and Sami, the night is full of promises. And it delivered at the biggest stage of them all.

Rey Mysterio vs. Dominik Mysterio

If the whole card were a menu, this would be the dessert because it was too freaking sweet. Firstly the entrance was no less than legendary.

Tribute to Eddie is always emotional. At the beginning of the match, Rey overpowered his son, who surely lacked experience. And soon enough Rey took off his belt and spanked his son, it created a huge enough pop to partially make you deaf.

Though Dom hit him with a 619, he couldn’t pin him. Rey had the last laugh and it is how long time storytelling should happen. This was a match to remember, a storyline to remember.

A fight between past and present, emotions and history. This is something that made us watch wrestling in the first place.

Rey Mysterio def. Dominik Mysterio via pinfall.

Rating- 4.00/5

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SmackDown Women’s Championship — Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Rhea Ripley

3 years in the making and it was a ride to remember. Rhea had always come short against Charlotte but this night was different. It was Rhea Bloody Ripley’s night and she delivered. This match was delivered.

Various big moves were exchanged and the pace shifted quite often. the natch had a good length and a Riptide later, Rhea was the woman of the night.

There were some creative spots and Charlotte fought like a champ. Sometimes she gets hate, it’s because of boring booking and stale character. But she is one hell of a fighter. One of the greatest over.

Some said that it was a long match,

Ripley def. Flair to win the SmackDown women’s championship. 

Rating- 4.00/5

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The night had much more to offer, the rest will be covered in the follow-up articles. This was a night to remember. The WrestleMania goes on.

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