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Rafael Nadal Admits Taking Pain-Killing Injections During the French Open

After Rafael Nadal, the all-time great, was defended regarding his injections at the 2022 French Open, there should be “no doubts over the ethics” of the tennis legend. Nadal defied the odds to win at Roland Garros for the 14th time. He defeated Casper Ruud in straight sets in the final despite suffering from an injury that left him with little feeling in his left foot.

After winning, the 36-year-old told reporters that he was frank about the therapy he underwent during the competition.

“It’s obvious that with circumstances that I am playing (with), I can’t and I don’t want to keep going, so the mindset is very clear. I was able to play during these two weeks with extreme conditions. I have been playing with an injections on the nerves.”

Guillaume Martin and Thibaut Pinot, two French riders, later accused the celebrity of doping. Claiming that such a practise was prohibited in the sport. In response, the Spanish Society of Sports Medicine and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) both confirmed that the anaesthetic injections were neither on a list of banned substances nor excluded from cycling by the International Cycling Union.

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Clement in All Praise For Nadal

Following the drug scandals that have rocked tennis, former player Arnaud Clement mentioned the Spaniard’s success in Paris. Recently, positive tests were found for Kamil Majchrzak on four separate times, Simona Halep, Fernando Verdasco, and Simona Halep. Majchrzak vehemently rejects cheating and asserts that he has never intentionally used a chemical that is illegal.

“I never asked myself the question in relation to Rafael Nadal, especially after the last Roland Garros, everything he did. In addition, he even almost made it public. So at some point, there are rules, we follow them or we go beyond them, but in no case, Rafael Nadal was on drugs, I believe. I have absolutely no doubts about the ethics of this player,” 


Additionally, Clement, 45, claimed that critics and fans shouldn’t criticise players just because they are in excellent shape. A player is not necessarily doped just because he is physically or athletically gifted he said. With this kind of shortcut, you must exercise caution. We could also observe players who had been caught doping, and we said to ourselves, “But no, not him, that’s bizarre,” because it didn’t fit with our preconceived notions of how a doped person would move.”

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