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Young Stars Classic 2023: Teams, Schedule, Roster and More

The stage is set for the 10th annual Young Stars Classic, and the excitement is palpable. The Vancouver Canucks unveiled the event’s schedule on Tuesday, June 6. This prestigious pre-season tournament is scheduled to take place at the South Okanagan Events Centre, promising thrilling action from September 15 to 18.

The event will feature the Calgary Flames, Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers, and Vancouver Canucks alongside BCHL teams Penticton Vees and Chilliwack Chiefs.

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Young Stars Classic 2023 Details 


  • Friday, September 15: Winnipeg Jets v/s Edmonton Oilers
  • Friday, September 15: Calgary Flames v/s Vancouver Canucks

BCHL Exhibition Game: Saturday, September 16: Penticton Vees v/s Chilliwack Chiefs

  • Saturday, September 16: Calgary Flames v/s Edmonton Oilers
  • Sunday, September 17: Vancouver Canucks v/s Winnipeg Jets
  • Monday, September 18: Winnipeg Jets v/s Calgary Flames
  • Monday, September 18: Vancouver Canucks v/s Edmonton Oilers


Vancouver Canucks: Jacob Maillet, Danila Klimovich, Aatu Raty, Aidan McDonough, Vilmer Alriksson, Max Sasson, Dalyn Wakely, Karel Plasek, Josh Bloom, Colby Saganiuk, Arshdeep Bains, Cooper Walker, Marc Gatcomb, Braeden Bowman, Dmitry Zlodeyev (Forwards);  Kirill Kudryavtsev, Akito Hirose, Sawyer Mynio, Filip Johansson, Cole McWard, Quinn Schmiemann, Hunter Brzustewicz, Derek Daschke, Chad Nychuk (Defencemen); Nikita Tolopilo, Jonathan Lemieux, Ty Young (Goaltenders).

Calgary Flames: Parker Bell, Rory Kerins, Mark Duarte, Oliver Tulk, Nathan Piling, Matt Coronato, Adam Klapska, Oliver Peer, Jaden Lipinski, Samuel Honzek, William Stromgren, Ilya Nikolaev, Lucius Ciona (Forwards); Etienne Morin, Jeremie Poirier, Tyson Galloway, Jarrod Gourley, Quinn Mantei, Charles Cote, Mikael Diotte, Yan Kuznetsov, Donovan McAvoy (Defencemen); Jari Kykkanen, Connor Murphy, Matt Radomsky (Goaltenders).

Edmonton Oilers: Carl Berglund, Xavier Bourgault, Jake Chiasson, Ethan  De Jong, Jayden
Grubbe, Linden Ture, Preston Lounsbury, Matvei Petrov, Carter Savoie, Jake Sloan, Brady Stonehouse, Tyler Tullio, Antonin Verreault, Cameron Wright (Forwards); Beau Akey, Jake Johnson, Xaiver Bernard, Noah Ganske, Noah van Vliet, Josh van Mulligan, Nate Misskey, Wanner Maximus (Defencemen); Nathan Day, Joey Rocha, David Bowen (Goaltenders).

Winnipeg Jets: Daniel Torgersson, Brad Lambert, Colby Barlow, Chaz Lucius, Henri Nikkanen, Danny Zhilkin, Jacob Julien, Parker Ford, Connor Levis, Carson Golder, Thomas Caron, Nikita Chibrikov and Mark Liwiski(Forwards); Simon Lundmark, Tyrel Bauer, Elias Salmomonsson, Dmitry Kuzmin, Artemi Kniazev, Jordan Tourigny, Simon Kubiceck and Wyatt Wilson (Defencemen); Thomas Milic, Dominic DiVincentiis (Goaltenders).


You can buy the tickets for the Young Stars Classic 2023 here

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