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Rinkside Rundown: What do you mean by a power play in NHL?

As a new fan of the NHL, It can be quite hard to understand the dynamics of the game. The rules are trickier and very different from other Professional sports. Power Play is one such aspect of the NHL as it is a concept alien to any of the key US Sports like the NBA, NFL, or MLB.

In ice hockey terms, Power Play (PP) refers to a situation where the opposing team has at least one of their team members serving a penalty, meaning the team is outnumbered.

How does a Power Play happen?

In ice hockey, Power Play happens when one or two players of the opposing team commit a penalty or an infraction. The player who has been called on then has to spend some time outside the rink in the Penalty Box. Furthermore, The team that incurred the penalty is not allowed to make a substitution, meaning that they have to play short-handed.

The game is played 5-on-5 (meaning that there are five skaters playing against one another, excluding the goaltender). However, during a power play, the game can become 5-on-4 or 5-on-3 even. Also Read: Why is the logo of Seattle Kraken one of the best in the NHL?

What are the Key Rules in such instances?

  • Minor and Major Penalties

The rules differ depending on the type of penalty. There are two key penalties: Major and Minor. They decide the duration of PP. The power play lasts two minutes on a minor penalty and five minutes on a major penalty. In case of a minor penalty, It ends once the stipulated time runs out or the team with the upper hand scores a goal. However, The power play doesn’t cease if the team serving the penalty scores a goal. In case of a major penalty, the power play lasts regardless of who scores a goal.

  • Overtime

In NHL, During Overtime, the Teams are down to 3 players (not including the goaltenders). What if a penalty happens during overtime? Will the opposing team be down to 2 skaters? No, Instead the team on the PP will get an additional skater. The game will become 4-on-3.

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