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NBA Sponsors 2022-2023 List

The NBA’s success depends heavily on sponsorship and deals with well-known companies giving the league substantial financial backing. The NBA increased its list of sponsors in 2023. Collaborating with businesses that mirrored the league’s commitment to innovation, diversity, and community values. The NBA’s sponsors are essential to the league’s financial health. As the league becomes more well-known, its sponsors become more crucial to spreading the word about it to a wider audience. The NBA has a long history of working with well-known companies, and its newest sponsors are no different. In the article lets learn about the List of all the NBA Sponsors 2022-2023.

NBA Sponsors 2022-2023

1. Nike

Nike has been the official apparel partner of the championship since 2017. Providing on-court uniforms and off-court apparel for all 30 teams. The partnership has allowed Nike to showcase its innovative designs and technology. Such as the Nike Connected Jersey, enabling fans to access exclusive content and experiences through the NikeConnect app. It is one of the biggest NBA jersey sponsors. The collaboration with Nike is set to continue for the 2022-23 season, with new designs and products being unveiled for fans to enjoy.

2. Wilson

Wilson has been the official ball supplier for the NBA, women’s basketball, G League, 2K League, and Basketball Africa Premiership since 2021. It has been known for its high-quality basketballs for over a century. Wilson has continued to innovate in ball design and construction. It is one of the NBA’s media partners.

3. SAP

SAP is a German business analytics software company partnered with the championship and G-League to leverage data and analytics. Through their partnership, SAP provides the league with advanced data analytics tools which are used to analyse player performance. Also optimise game strategies, and enhance the overall fan experience. SAP also helps develop new products and services that engage fans and give them a personalised experience.

4. Rakuten

Rakuten is a Japanese tech company that offers e-commerce solutions and partnered with the NBA for the pre-season games. Through their partnership, Rakuten aims to provide a seamless shopping experience for basketball fans. Offering them access to official merchandise and exclusive deals. Rakuten also helps the basketball top flight to expand its reach in Japan. Providing a platform for the premiership to connect with Japanese fans and showcase its products and services. 

5. Microsoft

Microsoft is the official technology partner for the NBA, providing advanced technologies. Such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing to improve the league’s operations and enhance the fan experience. Their partnership enables the premiership to leverage Microsoft’s innovative technologies to provide new features. Such as personalised game recommendations, real-time stats and insights, and player tracking data.

6. Hyperice

Hyperice is the official recovery technology partner for the championship, providing its products and services to players and teams. The partnership with the NBA has allowed Hyperice to showcase its innovative products and technology, such as the Hyperice Hypervolt massage gun. Which most of the premiership players use for recovery and injury prevention.

7. Google

Google is the official fan phone of the American basketball league, the official search trends and fan insights partner, and the official search engine. The partnership with the championship has allowed Google to expand its brand recognition and reach. With this league being one of the most-watched sports leagues in the world. The collaboration with the premiership is set to continue for the 2022-23 season. It offers one of the most significant NBA sponsorship revenue.

8. FanDuel

FanDuel is the official sports betting partner of the league. With expanded marketing, content and digital rights, and a partner of the National Basketball Players Association.

9. Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook is a gaming company that offers sports betting and online gaming options. The partnership with the league allows Caesars Sportsbook to offer promo codes and deals to its fans. To provide official odds and betting lines for the championship games. The partnership is set to continue for the 2022-23 season, with new offers and promotions. It is a must-include on the NBA sponsor list.

10. ServiceNow

ServiceNow is the first official workflow partner of the NBA who provides the leagues with advanced workflow automation tools that can be used to build and optimise operations. Through their partnership, helps the league to streamline its processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. It also enables the leagues to provide a better experience for their employees and fans by automating key processes such as ticketing, merchandising, and fan engagement.


The role of Sponsors in 2022-2023 is to provide financial support to its teams, and its players. These sponsors help the NBA operate efficiently and promote the premiership and its players to a global audience. They also help to fund various programs, initiatives, and events that benefit the Team and its fans.



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