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LeBron James of the Lakers suffers tendon injury on right foot, surgery questioned?

Four-time NBA champion, LeBron James went through a right foot tendon injury during a comeback win against the Dallas Mavericks.

According to the official announcement made by Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, LeBron James has been confirmed with a right foot tendon injury once again this season. As per the announcement, he is set to be out of the court for at least three weeks following his reevaluation later to assess the extent of the injury.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Memphis Grizzlies Final Injury Report date - 28/02/2023: Is LeBron James Playing against Memphis Grizzlies Tonight?
LeBron James

Although the news of LeBron’s injury has sparked concern among the Lakers fans, it is Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report who reported that the superstar will not require any serious surgery. However, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst has confirmed that his three weeks’ leave from the game is not merely a rumor but is affirmed precaution. Also Read: Nerlens Noel and Detroit Pistons come to a mutual agreement of a contract buyout

LeBron James and his healthy season so far

So far, James has been on an impressive form this season, recording stats like 29.5 points, 8.4 rebounds, and 6.9 assists on an average per game. Also previously this season, LeBron broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record of the highest career points and became the new career scoring leader of the NBA. 

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LeBron James

However, the four-time NBA champion went through a right foot tendon injury during a comeback win against the Dallas Mavericks on Feb. 26. He fell down with a non-contact injury in the third quarter but indeed continued playing and scoring points. After his fell down, he scored 11 points in the fourth quarter while the rest being of the previous quarters. 

In the post-interview of the game, LeBron talked about his injury while also admitting that the injury had affected his performance, saying, “It’s been better. That’s for sure. But I definitely wasn’t going to go to the locker room and not finish the game tonight. Just understood the importance of the game, and then with the momentum that we had, I felt like we could still win after being down.” Also Read: LaMelo Ball gets his ankle fractured against the Detroit Pistons with no body contact

James’ injury leave and its impact on the team’s performance 

Nevertheless, following other games after his injury, in his absence, the Los Angeles Lakers recorded a win and a loss bringing their season record to 30-33 and in 11th position of the Western Conference Standings leaving them outside of the playoff picture. 

LeBron James
LeBron James

Despite his injury, the Lakers are hopeful that he will be back in action soon and the team has stated that his return will depend on the extent of the damage and his recovery progress. Also Read: Jayson Tatum of the Celtics ejected for the first time during the Knicks’ defeat


In conclusion, as the Lakers’ statement of James’ injury has been a cause of concern, the fact that he does not need surgery is a positive sign. However, if it is important for the Lakers fans to witness him live, it is equally important to take health precautions and recover before joining the team. Also Read: New York Knicks vs Boston Boston Celtics Final Injury Report date – 27/02/2023: Is Jaylen Brown Playing against New York Knicks Tonight?

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