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Boston Celtics loss against Brooklyn Nets triggers “boos” from the fans

Boston Celtics were off to a great start on Friday night but later, lost to the Brooklyn Nets following constant "booing" from the fans.

The Boston Celtics game against the Brooklyn Nets didn’t go well for the Boston, Massachusetts fans. They were off to a great start on Friday night leading the scoreboard by 28 points early in the second quarter. However, the Celtics were unable to maintain their lead and in the end, lost the game putting 115-105 on the final board. This subsequently, led them to be booed off the floor by their home fans.

Jayson Tatum of the Celtics ejected for the first time during the Knicks' defeat
Jayson Tatum

The Net’s comeback against the 28-point turnaround was the largest comeback in Nets franchise history. And for the Celtics, it became an inner crisis that led them to give the third quarter when the Nets closed the frame on a 16-4 run. The Celtics lost focus, leading to a buzzer-beating finishing layup for Dorian Finney-Smith. Also Read: Dillon Brooks says, ” I don’t like Draymond at all,” also criticizing Golden State Warriors

Boston Celtics admit to their failure against the Brooklyn Nets

Despite the loss though, the Celtics were not in disbelief. As in the postgame interview, Jayson Tatum said,  “We lost, it was tough. Disbelief? No, we didn’t play well. They played better than we did, and usually, you lose. So it’s not disbelief, I don’t even know if it’s anger. We play too many games to be angry. Move on, and get ready for the next one. It is what it is, essentially.”

Jayson Tatum sets an NBA record in the Celtics-Hornets game
Jayson Tatum

The Celtic’s head coach Joe Mazzulla also admitted that the Nets were “playing a little bit harder” than his team. After the game, Mazzulla added said, “I thought throughout the year we’ve done a good job of maintaining our composure and our poise. In moments like that, when the other team starts to play well and changes their mindset, we just have to adjust to the environment. It’s hard.”

“They beat us in every analytical category possible. If we don’t commit to the margins, no matter how hard we play, we’re not gonna win. They got more 3s up, they got more shots up, they got more free throws, they got more offensive rebounds and they turned it over less. You can play as hard as you want, you’re not gonna win like that.” Also Read: Ben Simmons of the Nets suffers back soreness during knee injury rehab, return date uncertain


The Celtics have struggled with their inconsistent play and bizarre results this season a lot. Though they are currently in the second position of the Eastern Conference Standings they are quite erratic, when it comes to fighting with the top teams in the league. This loss, however, was not meant to happen as the Nets just traded its two best players and had lost four in a row coming into the game.

Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets

Although, despite this awful and disappointing loss against the Nets, if the Celtics want the playoff spot they would need to work hard and focus on their upcoming games. Also Read: LeBron James of the Lakers suffers tendon injury on right foot, surgery questioned?

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