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Miami GP 2022: Key Takeaways From The Miami Grand Prix Race

It seems that F1 is making inroads into America. The Miami GP has had it’s fair share of controversy, and it was, by far, the most hyped race of the season (yet). 

Looking at the statistics of the race, most of people think that their race was average or below average. 

The Track

The Track
Miami GP Track Layout

The track itself is below average and the race was the least favourite of the season for most of the people. Indianapolis and COTA are certainly better for racing in the US.  

It looked like the track is ultimately bumpy, poorly surfaced and very difficult to overtake due to the fact going onto the dirty line affects the cars particularly badly here. 

The Race

Takeaways from the miami grand prix

At the front there wasn’t much change at the start. Sainz should have done better to keep Verstappen behind at the start Max was simply better on the brakes but that position was very defendable, by Sainz.  Good starts by Alonso and Ricciardo too.  

Alonso made up the most places but actually hit Hamilton in the process of doing so, which was uncharacteristic. Once again, Leclerc built an early gap but seemed to manage his tyres less effectively than Verstappen. This is almost becoming a recurring trend between both of them.  

Leclerc doesn’t seem to be able to do what certain drivers in the past have shown, and just pull away from the pack relentlessly. He seems to struggle with tyre wear with respect to Max after the first 10 laps – an area he needs to improve on along with his wet weather skills. 

The Red Bull had a significant straight-line speed advantage too, so the pass that happened in the first stint was inevitable. 

Ferrari’s hopes

If Ferrari wants to win this title, they need to address their straight-line speed at low downforce tracks, as Red Bull has the upper hand in this area – it cost Ferrari another win today. 

Yet again, George Russell drove an incredible race, that was helped by a timely Safety Car. Russell started on Hards and by laps 12 and 13 has passed Tsunoda (who pitted early after complaining about tyres) and Albon as others had their Medium tyres fall away.  

He then passed Ricciardo a few laps after. The Mercedes car looks after its tyres well – it’s just about getting heat into them in the first place that presents an issue. He will fight for wins every race if Mercedes fixes this car Russell is a sensation and a match for Leclerc and Verstappen.  

Perez took advantage of the SC being brought out which enabled him to time it perfectly and put on Medium tyres for the restart compared to those in front of him who had Hard tyres. Perez has been struggling with an engine power issue early as well, which cost him straight-line speed and cost him 3rd position against Sainz. 

Worth mentioning a good drive from Albon to score 2 points, staying out of trouble and driving consistently in what is clearly the worst car on the grid.  Stroll avoided the carnage to finish 10th


Finally, it was a stunning drive from Ocon.  

Back of the grid to points, avoiding all the carnage along the way, which is never easy.  

Good recovery, with minimal mistakes and excellent tyre management throughout on an alternate strategy. 

 He was very conservative, and perhaps could have passed Mick after the SC came in a bit sooner, but to beat his teammate from the back of the grid sends a strong message internally to Alpine: Esteban is ready to be the team leader permanently. 

 Overall, the Miami GP was an average race. 

There was some action, but it was minimal, and the track itself isn’t dssigned to produce exciting races. 

The second sector, in particular, is the area that shouldn’t belong to an F1 circuit. 

F1 Standings After Miami GP

1.) Lec104
2.) Ver85
3.) Per66
4.) Rus59
5.) Sai53
6.) Ham36
7.) Nor35
8.) Bot30
9.) Oco24
10.) Mag15
11.) Ric 11
12.) Tsu10
13.) Gas6
14.) Vet4
15.) Alb3
16.) Alo2
17.) Str2
18.) Zho2
19.) Sch0
20.) Lat0


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