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Alfa Romeo’s New Livery For The 2022 Azerbaijan GP 

The team would sport a livery inspired by the Italian Flag colours for the 2022 Azerbaijan GP.

Alfa Romeo, the 5th best team in F1 right now (probably) has had the best looking car out of the 10 teams in 2022 according to a lot of people. With the 2022 cars having a lot of “curvy” display because of the 2022 aerodynamic regulations, most of the cars in the paddock look good, but Alfa Romeo stands out amongst them. 

Different Race, Different Look

alfa romeo's livery

For the 2022 Azerbaijan GP, Alfa Romeo has come out with a livery that sports the Italian Flag colours, with green covering the back of the car and the engine cover, white covering the middle of the car, and red covering the front of the car, including the halo. 

The reason as to why Alfa Romeo has decided to sport this livery is that they wanted to celebrate the launch of the Alfa Romeo’s new electric SUV, the tonale. 

Alfa Romeo’s Team Boss, Fredric Vasseur commented, “Even if it is outside of Formula 1, I think it is important to build a strong collaboration between the two companies.” 

His comment focussed on the importance of Sauber and Alfa Romeo building a formidable partnership as Alfa Romeo’s cars are manufactured by Sauber. 

The team currently has 41 points under their belt, with Bottas scoring 40 of them, and zhou scoring 1.

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