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Youngest Grand Prix Winners In F1 History

Lewis Hamilton ranks 6th in the list and no. 3 is an unexpected appearance in the list.

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, the crown jewel of motorsport that every racing driver in the world aspires to be a part of, but not every driver gets a chance to drive in Formula 1. Whereas, many drivers race in F1 Cars from a very young age and make it in F1. This also concludes that some drivers win a Grand Prix at a very young age, but who are the youngest Grand Prix winners in F1 History?

While some enjoy a lot of success in it, others do not. Winning a race in Formula 1 isn’t as easy as some people think it is. One of the biggest factors that’ll decide whether a driver will win races in Formula 1 or not is the team that he’ll be driving for. Bigger, more financially stable teams would be able to produce a car good enough to win races, and possibly championships, while lower budget teams wouldn’t be able to produce race winning machineries for the most part.

Almost every driver who races in Formula 1 starts racing at a very young age, typically at around 5-7 years old, and they start their racing career by racing karts. And then, they climb up the hill to the top, where they want to be, that is, to become an F1 driver. There are some F1 drivers who had to wait for a lot of years to be able to win a race, and then there are some F1 drivers who won a race at a very young age. 

Youngest Grand Prix winners in F1 History

8.) Robert Kubica

Starting this list at number 8 is the only Polish F1 driver in history, Robert Kubica (23 years and 184 days old). He made his F1 debut in 2006, during which he was a reserve driver for the BMW-Sauber team.

With BMW-Sauber, he got a full-time seat the following season, and he performed well in 2007, but he’d been a part of a horrifying crash at the 2007 Canadian GP, and thankfully, he wasn’t seriously injured and was left relatively unscathed. Robert won his first and only GP in 2008, The Canadian GP. Also Read: Lewis Hamilton Net Worth, Annual Salary, Cars, Properties, House And Endorsements Details

7.) Kimi Raikkonen

At number 7 is a driver that everyone loves and who won the 2007 F1 championship, Kimi Raikkonen (23 years and 157 days old). He made his GP debut in 2001 for Sauber at the Australian GP that year. However, a lot of people criticized his lack of experience when he made his debut, and little did they know the potential Kimi had. 

He won his first GP in 2003, the Malaysian GP, with McLaren. Making him the youngest GP winner at the time, he’s raced for several other teams during his long F1 career. 

6.) Lewis Hamilton

No list would be complete without this man, who made his GP debut in 2007 with McLaren and has since then, broken numerous records and has gone on to become, statistically, the most successful F1 driver of all time, beating Michael Schumacher in terms on wins, pole positions, and what not. (22 years and 154 days old).

Lewis won his first GP in 2007, the Canadian GP and he was just a rookie that season.

5.) Bruce Mclaren

Not a lot of people know that Bruce McLaren (22 years and 104 days old), himself, was a Formula 1 driver, who raced for other teams before setting up his factory racing team and racing with his name on it. Bruce, at the time, was the Youngest Grand Prix winner in F1 History to win a race, when he won the 1959 US GP.

Sadly, Bruce was killed in an accident in the late 1960s, when he was testing out one of his cars.

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4.) Fernando Alonso

One of the most complete and experienced Formula 1 drivers of all time, the number 4 spot on this list is Fernando Alonso (22 years and 26 days old). Fernando’s driven for several teams during his F1 career, winning the  2 times in Renault, in 2005 and 2006, when the great, Michael Schumacher was still racing with Ferrari. 

Fernando won his first GP in 2003, the same year as Kimi did. Fernando took round 13, and Kimi took round 2. He won his first GP in 2003, the Hungarian GP. 

3.) Charles Leclerc

At number 3 is a man who was 71 days younger than Fernando when he won his first GP, Charles Leclerc (21 years and 320 days old). Charles made his full time F1 debut in 2018, driving for Sauber. 

Instantly impressed by his heroics on the track, he was promoted to Ferrari for the 2019 season, where he was joined by Sebastian Vettel. He made his mark on the team from day one, getting his first pole at Bahrain. 

Charles won his first race in 2019 in Belgium, at Spa. 

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2.) Sebastian Vettel

One of the most popular F1 drivers of all time, Sebastian Vettel, at the time, was the youngest F1 race winner, breaking the record which was previously held by Fernando Alonso (21 years and 73 days old).

He made his GP debut with Sauber in 2007, and had a full time seat with Toro Rosso, RedBull’s sister team for the 2008 season, the same season when he won his first GP. 

Sebastian’s first GP win was the 2008 Italian GP, which he won comfortably, having claimed pole position the previous day, and leading the race’s every single lap until winning it at the end, a truly dominating win, with a not so dominating car. 

1.) Max Verstappen – Youngest Grand Prix winners in F1 History

18 years and 228 days old, that’s how old Max Verstappen was when he won his first GP in 2016, the Spanish GP. 

An eventful race? Indeed. 

Max’s winning was a result of the 2 Mercedes’ crash when Lewis Hamilton crashed with his teammate, Nico Rosberg. Max won his first GP with RedBull in the same year when he was promoted to the team, driving for Toro Rosso before that. Max, as of now, holds the record of being the youngest Grand Prix winner in F1 History.

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