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“How Grateful I Am That I Didn’t Make It”: Dwayne Johnson Looks Back On Getting Rejected By The NFL

Dwayne Johnson aka ‘The Rock’ is a famous Personality all around the world. The reason is, he is known to be the best at what he does. Whether it is Acting, Wrestling, Singing, Film Production, or any other field, he has consistently achieved the best title and appreciation from fans. But this wasn’t in the book that he scripted as he always wanted to be an American football player. He was so close to compete in the National Football League but got rejected. His dream of becoming an NFL Player couldn’t come into reality. Recently, he featured in a podcast and stated “How Grateful I Am That I Didn’t Make It”: Dwayne Johnson Looks Back On Getting Rejected By The NFL.

Why Dwayne Johnson said “How Grateful I Am That I Didn’t Make It”

It all started when one of the hosts of the podcast asked Dwayne Johnson about his early life struggle at the age of 13 and how difficult was it for him to be the person that people admire the most. 

Dwayne said,

“I try to these days keep those times in the Forefront of my mind, I try to keep them Close”

It is quite difficult for a person to leave his hometown, and family members and move to a different city to pursue his dream. Similarly, it wasn’t a cup of tea for the Rock too. He mentions that everyone has a 7 Bucks moment in their life (referring to being broke) and when left playing in the CFL, many of his team members like Ray Lewis, Warren Sap and others were shining in the NFL. They all were buying Properties and cars, and signing Big Contracts, whereas Dwayne had seven Bucks in his Pocket. Also Read: Know Everything about NFL Pension Plan for Retired Players, Eligibility and Other Benefits

Well, who knew that he would be one of the superstars the world would admire? He was disappointed and depressed but he used it as a motivation to be better at something else. Dwayne got into WWF (now WWE) and soon became the face of the industry. He was and is still one of the most loved wrestlers in the WWE. This resulted in him getting a chance to act in Hollywood. Now, we all know who Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is and it takes great courage for someone to get rejected at what they love the most and do something different. 

As a result, he said,

“Right now sitting here I can say, How Grateful I Am That I Didn’t Make It”

He always wanted to play in the NFL, dominate in the league. Be the best player in the league but that couldn’t happen. But life had different plans for him and today he is one of the most highly admired celebrities in the world. Also Read: Top 5 fastest QB 40-yard Dash Times in NFL history

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