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Captain Quinn Hughes Takes the Helm: Canucks’ Season Make or Break as They Aim for Glory

As Vancouver Canucks gear up to turn their fortunes and make at the least the playoffs, Captain Quinn Hughes is stoic and serious about his role which comes with lot of expectations. Hughes understands that there will be no room for error from his teammates and himself.

Hughes said, “I’m going to be 24 in October… Petey’s [Elias Petersson] gonna be 25, Millsy’s [JT Miller] 30, Demmer’s [Thatcher Demko] 27. (we’re) getting up there.” He added, “We are not little kids anymore. It’s time, They drafted us to do things and (we’ve) got to do those things. The newbie cap also made sure to correct the “up there” comment realizing that it could be taken as calling his teammates old.

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Quinn Hughes has stepped up as a captain in the pre-season, the most recent comeback win against the Oilers. Hughes recorded the most points by a defenseman for Canucks in a season twice. The 24-year-old is also 24 points from stealing Adrian Aucoin’s franchise record of 23 goals by a defenseman.

Hughes also made it a point to explain his assertiveness and more dominating ice time in the recent days. “I have always done it [activated] but I’m putting myself in a position where I don’t have to circle back. The last few seasons, I had the most puck possession for a defenseman in the league but where does that get you?,” said Hughes.

I’m just trying to use my gifts and things that I do to have that puck possession to put myself in a spot where I can create more. It’s more mental than anything,” said Hughes. The oldest Hughes brother seems to be in control and have seen a transformation in his game style, his attitude on ice, and his activation stance.

Despite the facts and the stance, certain fans aren’t sure about the captaincy yet. So, Once again, Can Hughes turn their fate around and make the sixteen?


Mohammed Bazim
Mohammed Bazim
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