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Emerging Irish Football Talent Naj Razi draws attention from top Spanish and English Clubs

Recent reports from Ireland have revealed that two prominent Spanish clubs, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, are expressing interest in the 17-year-old Shamrock Rovers playmaker, Naj Razi.

The young talent gained recognition for his contributions to the Ireland under-17 team during the European Championships earlier this year, even though their journey ended in the quarter-finals against Spain. Numerous scouts took notice of Razi’s abilities during the tournament.

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Naj Razi, who just turned 17, has made five appearances for Shamrock Rovers, and it is expected that he will feature in the team’s remaining two games of the season. What’s interesting is that clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester City are also keeping an eye on Razi. However, due to the post-Brexit regulations, a move to England wouldn’t be possible until January 2025. In contrast, Spanish clubs have the opportunity to pursue him immediately.

While Razi has already signed a professional contract with Shamrock Rovers, the contract’s duration remains uncertain. This situation underscores a shifting trend, with Irish players now finding European teams more accessible than English ones, potentially marking one of the first instances of Irish talent seeking opportunities on the continent rather than just across the Irish Sea.

Mohammed Bazim
Mohammed Bazim
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