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Sheffield Wednesday Owner Demands £2 Million from Fans to Save Club

Sheffield Wednesday is facing a critical situation, with owner Dejphon Chansiri making a controversial demand. He’s calling on the club’s supporters to raise a substantial £2 million to save the team from potential collapse.

Chansiri has been publicly critical of the fans, referring to them as “negative,” which has only added to the turmoil. The club recently found itself under a registration embargo due to non-payment to HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs), putting their footballing future at risk. However, they managed to secure their first victory of the season under new manager Danny Rohl.

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The most concerning aspect of this crisis is the uncertainty surrounding the payment of wages to players and staff, as the club faces severe “cashflow issues.” Chansiri’s personal finances are intertwined with the club, and he claims he cannot invest any more money into Sheffield Wednesday until his own debts are settled.

Chansiri’s demand for the £2 million is a contentious one. He argues that only if the fans can collectively contribute this amount would they then have the authority to request his departure from the club. The clock is ticking for Sheffield Wednesday, as they are currently nine days into a ‘persistent default’ with HMRC, and if this continues for 30 days, they could face a transfer embargo.

The situation is dire, with the club’s very existence hanging in the balance. The fans are left with a difficult decision: whether to rally together and meet Chansiri’s financial demand to potentially secure the club’s future, or continue to protest against his ownership and risk losing Sheffield Wednesday. The next few days are crucial, as the November 10th deadline looms large.

Mohammed Bazim
Mohammed Bazim
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