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Ansu Fati is Unhappy With The Contribution, Wants To Leave

From a star to a forgotten one, Ansu Fati is now sitting on the bench. Will he be able to reestablish credibility?

Ansu Fati was the next big thing, even two years ago. But with a plethora of injuries, the name feels like a forgotten one. There were so many comparisons drawn between him and Vini Jr, but the former lost the glory in recent times.

Bori Fati, father of the Barcelona star reveals that he is disappointed with the certain situation. He expressed that he wants his son to leave the Catalan club over the lack of playing time.

Fati became one of the brightest La Masia prospects in no time and the door for the first team opened soon, at the age of 16. But because of his injuries, the progress was bumpy and now he lost his regular starter status.

Fati has just nine league starts though was available for 25 of the 26 league games. So in an interview when Bori was asked the question, he directed it to Xavi.

“Good question, ask him,” Bori Fati narrated on the Spanish radio station Cadena Cope. “I don’t have an answer for that either and he as a coach will have his reasons. Maybe he thinks he lacks things like defending and I understand that.”

Bori also assured that he will meet Fati’s agent Jorge Mendes soon to have a discussion on this matter. The current contract expires in 2027 and the club also has an extension clause. 

“I as a father am angry, yes. Maybe I’m not right, but I don’t have a problem with that. Everybody knows who Mendes is. He told me two years ago that he had offers and Bartomeu didn’t want to listen to them.”

So what does Fati wants in this matter? He elaborated on this as well, “For Ansu yes. It will depend on what Barça wants. If it’s for me, I want to see Ansu succeed, because he is a guy who comes to succeed. There are things you can’t discuss.”

Bori also talked about him calling Mateu Alemany, Barcelona’s director of football.  “I called Mateu. I think we deserve much more. When you are at Barça you know where you are and that there are many internationals. But we are talking about Barcelona’s [number] ten.”

“If this continues like this I’m going to Seville, that’s it,” Bori threatened. “I didn’t go to the game against Madrid, why not. Right now I’m not going to the stadium anymore. I have my box and I’m not going anymore”

Right now, Barca has a great influx of young stars and all he needs is more patience. But he is indeed an investment and a name for the future. And now as there are rumors of Messi’s returning, will the most iconic number 10 get the current number 10 of the Catalan giants to the top?

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