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What is VALORANT Franchising? How will it impact the competitive scene?

Riot's FPS is set to adopt the same system used by the developers in their League of Legends competitive scene.

Valorant’s competitive potential will be revamped in 2024, with major changes to the overall ecosystem in an effort to make the first-person tactical shooter the most popular multiplayer game on the planet.

A similar esports model to Riot’s League of Legends will soon be deployed in Valorant’s competitive circuit, which will introduce the International Leagues as they do in their MOBA title, the LCS and LEC events.

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How Does VALORANT Franchising Work?

Riot’s top-level, week-to-week competition in the Valorant esports ecosystem will be these international leagues. They will also be the new way for teams to qualify for global tournaments such as the Masters and Champions.

Based on geographical proximity, each league will include teams from multiple regions. The Americas league will consist of North America, Latin America, and Brazil. The European league will consist of Europe, Russia, Turkey, and MENA, while the third and final league will consist of Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, South Asia, and Oceania.

VALORANT franchising system

With more regions competing in the same league, you can expect to see even more rivalries emerge at the highest level of the game.

Riot will select partnered teams in each league under the new partnership model to ensure regional representation. Riot will conduct a selective application process throughout 2022 to identify the best long-term partners.

Riot is also establishing domestic leagues for rising talent who want to play in international leagues. A new competitive game mode will also enable amateur players and teams to compete against the best in their region, giving players a goal other than ranked play.

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VALORANT Franchising: Winners and Losers

The new system has had its share of winners and losers.

Several North American teams have been shortlisted and will meet individually to discuss financial details. According to multiple sources, teams such as The Guard, TSM, Cloud9, NRG, and Version1 have advanced to the next round. However, there may be some issues with teams such as T1 and G2. According to multiple sources, T1 is adamant about staying in North America despite the brand’s dominance in the Korean market. G2, which was founded in Europe, has made plans to enter the North American VALORANT scene for next year. However, it is unclear whether Riot will allow the organisation to compete in the Americas league.

The players of NYXL Valorant announced on Wednesday that the club was leaving the esportsgame’s competitive scene, with many of their ranks looking for their next team.

Players such as Andrew ‘ShoT_UP’ Orlowski and Diondre ‘YaBoiDre’ Bond, among others, informed the community of the latest NYFU project news.

Akrew have also taken the necessary steps to temporarily disband their VALORANT team, confirmed via their Twitter page.

Ex-Upcomer and current Dot eSports reporter George Geddes has confirmed that the Pittsburgh Knights are also looking to sell their professional roster, aiming to maintain focus on their academy team as a failure to make it past the first round of franchising.


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