VALORANT Ion 2.0 bundle details: price, release date, and other details

It will surely add more value to your collection.


VALORANT, like other competitive games in today’s society, has a plethora of cosmetics to enhance your gameplay. They won’t help you shoot more accurately, but they will help you shoot more stylishly. The Ion skin bundle is unquestionably one of the most popular VALORANT skin bundles on the market. At least one player in each game is an Ion phantom or sheriff. Today, we are going to discuss VALORANT Ion 2.0 bundle details: price, release date, and other details

Riot Games has bestowed upon us, skin collectors, another Ion bundle to adorn our screens whenever we fail to secure a 1v5 match. The futuristic white colors will undoubtedly boost your headshot percentage. Immortal rank is undoubtedly on the way once you have this in your arsenal.

The Ion 2.0 bundle was leaked by ValorLeaks, a trusted VALORANT leaker, who also showcased the upcoming skins. The leak reveals all of the new skins and small details that will make this Ion bundle one to remember.

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Ion 2.0 Valorant skin Release Date

An educated guess would suggest that it will be released around October 18. Unfortunately, there is no set date at this time. Essentially, it’s just around the corner, so be patient and stick with the Sentinels of Light until then.

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Ion 2.0 Bundle Skin Cost

Here’s a list of the skins and their prices:

  • Ares – 1775 Valorant Points
  • Vandal – 1775 Valorant Points
  • Spectre – 1775 Valorant Points
  • Frenzy – 1775 Valorant Points
  • Karambit – 3550 Valorant Points

So, save your hard-earned money so you can invest in your vast and growing VALORANT skin collection. It’s almost here, and not for long.

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