How to redeem Fortnite’s free end-of-season rewards easily

Prove your in-game skills and get rewarded for them.

How to redeem Fortnite’s free end-of-season rewards easily
How to redeem Fortnite’s free end-of-season rewards easily

Fortnite is one of the best live-service games in the market right now, with hundreds of thousands of players logging into competitive Arena matches in the game. Many Fortnite players log on regularly to test their in-game skills against other players in the ranked competitive modes. Epic Games has given out rewards to players in past seasons based on how far a player got in the Arena’s rank at the end of the season. So, with Fortnite chapter three, season three coming to an end, many fans are wondering how to redeem Fortnite’s free end-of-season awards. So, today we are going to show you how to redeem free end-of-season rewards in Fortnite.

How to redeem Fortnite‘s free end-of-season rewards easily

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Epic Games gives out rewards such as unique wraps and cosmetics to players who can at least reach the Contender League in Arena. The developer of the game made this announcement via its competitive Twitter account. The tweet stated the players will receive the rewards within a week of the next season’s beginning of Fortnite. This means that players will receive the rewards on or before September 25.

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So, players still have a lot of time to earn this wrap. If players haven’t received their rewards by September 30, they should reach out to Epic Games Support to get it added to their Fortnite account. If there are any issues, the Epic Games support agent will be able to help you out.

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Fortnite releases this cosmetic each season and provides all the players new opportunities to earn the wrap in higher divisions each time. Players who manage to collect multiple high-level division wraps will be able to show their skills in style in the new season.

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