BGMI 2.1 July update patch notes and release time for Android & iOS

The new update will enhance the overall quality of the battle royale experience.

BGMI 2.1 July update patch notes and release time for Android & iOS
BGMI 2.1 July update

The BGMI 2.1 update is near and the excitement among the fans is at an all-time high. Along with the long-awaited Ancient Ruins mode, the new update will include a bunch of new features and content also. Besides, this new update will enhance the overall quality of the battle royale experience even more. Moreover, A recent video featuring numerous famous BGMI personalities like Mazi from MaziisLive, Payal from Payal gaming, SoulAman, and ShreeMan legend also revealed the official patch notes of the 2.1 BGMI update.

Patch notes and New Features of the BGMI 2.1 July update

1. Ancient Ruins Mode

BGMI 2.1 July update
  • New Lobby: BGMI Players playing Ancient Ruins can find a new attractive themed lobby while waiting to dive into the match.
  • Sandstorm City: On Erangel, Miramar, and Livik maps, these Sandstorm City will spawn randomly. In these, gamers can find a Scarab Charm, which they may use to self-revive upon being knocked by the enemy.
  • Scarab Ruins and Jackal Ruins: Players of BGMI can visit these ruins in the game while playing and complete the puzzles to receive unique loot.
  • Emperor Temple: Boss Monster has also been added to fan favorite Emperor Temple, and players can take it down to get incredible loot.

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2. New Sniper Rifle – Lynx AMR

The new BGMI 2.1 update will introduce a new deadly Sniper Rifle named Lynx AMR. Moreover, this new deadly Sniper can be used to decimate enemies relatively quickly.

3. Changes to Some Weapons

The developers of the BGMI will make the following changes with the new version of the game.

  • UMP 45: Reduction in its burst fire range
  • Micro UZI: Increase in the damage over a long distance
  • Tommy Gun: Increase in its damage

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4. Sound Training Mode

The new BGMI 2.1 update will also introduce a sound training mode, which will allow the players to improve their map awareness by training their ears to pick up the gunshots and footsteps around them.

5. Vehicle Explosion

Earlier players would die if they were close to a vehicle explosion. However, in the new update, they will only get knocked out and will have an opportunity to get revived and get back into the game.

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Release date and time of BGMI 2.1 July update

The new BGMI 2.1 update is expected to be released on 15 July 2022.

Release time for Android (Google Play): Starts rolling out from 11.00 am – 12.00 pm IST.

Release time for iOS (Apple App store): Starts rolling out from 4.00 pm IST.

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