Best sensitivity Settings for BGMI

This setting will help you to improve your movement in the game

best sensitivity settings
sensitivity settings for bgmi

BGMI is the most trendy game in India right now. It is an Indian version of Pubg mobile. This shooting game has one of the best graphics ever. Besides, the game has crossed over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store in less than two years. However, to be a pro player in BGMI, players require good in-game skills, gunpower, and the correct sensitivity settings. So today we are going to show you the best sensitivity settings for your device that will help you to become a pro.

best bgmi sensitivity settings

1 . Camera sensitivity settings (free look)

These sensitivity settings allow you to adjust how quickly your character will look around while moving across the map with or without a vehicle. It also helps you to adjust the parachute while landing in a match.

3rd Person (TPP) Camera (character, vehicle)115%
Camera (parachuting)118-120%
Ist person (FPP) Camera (character)115%

2. Camera sensitivity settings (scopes and aim)

These settings help you to adjust your camera movement speed while using different scopes.

3rd person (TPP) No scope145-148%
Ist person (FPP) No scope130%
Red dot, holographic75%
2x Scope55%
3x scope, Win9440%
4x scope, VSS30%
6x scope8-10%
8x scope11%
TPP aim125%
FPP aim120%

3. ADS sensitivity

This setting will change how quickly you can move your crosshair while using ADS.

3rd person (TPP) No scope100%
Ist person (FPP) No scope90%
Red dot, holographic, Aim assist65%
2x scope40%
3x scope35%
4x scope30%
6x scope14%
8x scope12%
TPP Aim110%
FPP Aim105%

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4. Gyroscope sensitivity

Playing BGMI with a gyroscope on can be quite difficult but it helps you to improve your in-game skills and movement during close or long-range fights.

3rd person (TPP) No scope220%
Ist person (FPP) No scope220%
Red dot, holographic180%
2x scope150%
3x scope120%
4x scope90%
6x scope50%
8x scope25%
TPP Aim120%
FPP Aim120%

5. ADS Gyroscope sensitivity settings

These settings allow you to tweak the movement speed of your crosshair while aiming down sights.

3rd person No scope280%
Ist person No scope280-285%
Red dot, holographic, Aim assist300%
2x scope300%
3x scope, Win94235%
4x scope, VSS170%
6x scope100%
8x scope75%

So, these are the best BGMI sensitivity settings. However, in-game sensitivity is a matter of personal preference which players can adjust around a bit and see what suits best for their playstyle.

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