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Weird Habits of MS Dhoni which will Leave you in awe

He recently led his IPL team CSK to their 5th trophy in the tournament. Post which, he went through a knee surgery in Mumbai

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is arguably the most popular and influential cricketer of this generation. A glimpse of which we can see when he plays for Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League (IPL). He recently led his IPL team CSK to their 5th trophy in the tournament. Post which, he went through a knee surgery in Mumbai. Recently, it was confirmed that he will participate in the next edition of the lucrative Indian Premier League. He is fit enough to represent CSK once again. He is one of the most disciplined cricketers. Let’s have a look at Weird Habits of MS Dhoni which will Leave you in awe.

Eat Butter Chicken Without Chicken

MS Dhoni’s former India and CSK teammate Robin Uthappa revealed his unique but weird way of eating butter chicken. Uthappa revealed that MS eats butter chicken without the chicken and eats only its gravy. And in case he eats chicken, he does not eat any rotis. Also Read: MS Dhoni’s Past Ex-Girlfriends List including First Girlfriend Priyanka Jha

Only Clean Bats Allowed

Dhoni has often been spotted eating his bat.In a match between CSK and DC in IPL 2022, he was caught on camera eating his bat in the dressing room while waiting for his turn to bat. Many fans speculated that this might be some sort of superstition from the former Indian captain. But his former Indian teammate, Amit Mishra, later clarified the reason on Twitter for the same. 

“In case you’re wondering why Dhoni often ‘eats’ his bat. He does that to remove tape of the bat as he likes his bat to be clean. You won’t see a single piece of tape or thread coming out of MS’s bat,” tweeted Mishra. Also Read: MS Dhoni International Centuries List: How many centuries MS Dhoni has scored in all formats for India?

Collecting Stumps After Victory

Before the LED Stumps and Zing Bails Era, it was a common sight for the fans to see MS walk out of the ground with stumps in his hand after a victory. In an interview given to, he joked that it was a part of his post retirement plan. 

He said, “That’s my retirement plan. The good thing is that I do collect a lot of stumps, but the bad one is I don’t put a mark as to which match they were from. So, after I retire I’ll watch the videos of all my matches, look closely at the sponsors’ logos on the stumps, and figure out which match a stump belongs to. It will be my post-cricket pass time!”. Also Read: MS Dhoni Daughter: Ziva Dhoni Full name, Age, Birthday, Photos, Instagram, School, Siblings, and biography

Unstraps and Tightens Batting Gloves

People who have watched MS bat might have noticed that he unstraps and tightens his gloves almost after every shot he plays. Tight may be some sort of superstition or due to the fact that gloves become very sweaty during batting and may make it loose. Also Read: MS Dhoni Height in Feet, Metres, Inches, CM

Keeping Gloves Tucked in Trouser

This habit of MS Dhoni may not be termed as weird but is actually genius. During crunch situations, where batters tend to run even when the ball doesn’t hit the bat, he tucks his right keeping gloves in his trouser and collects the ball only with the keeping inners. This helps him to throw accurately at the stumps and get the batter out. Also Read: MS Dhoni Educational Qualification: How Was MS Dhoni in Studies?

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Rachat Jha
Rachat Jha
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