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MS Dhoni’s Past Ex-Girlfriends List including First Girlfriend Priyanka Jha

Dhoni has numerous match-winning innings and has made headlines throughout his career. Get to know about Dhoni's past love interests before Sakshi Dhoni.

Dhoni is one of the popular names in the cricket world, and he has numerous match-winning innings and has made headlines throughout his career. He is also known to be one of India’s most prolific cricket captains in both international cricket as well as in IPL and has long been a beloved sports figure among fans. He has received significant attention for his off-field actions, including reported relationships with actresses prior to his marriage to Sakshi Dhoni. Read on to know about the list of MS Dhoni’s ex-girlfriends.

1. MS Dhoni’s 1st Girlfriend – Priyanka Jha

Ms Dhoni’s first girlfriend was Priyanka Jha. It all started in 2002 when Dhoni was still in his early twenties and battling for a spot on the Indian squad. He fell in love with Priyanka Jha and was determined to spend the rest of his life wither. Unfortunately, there was a tragic ending to their love life because Priyanka met with an accident. This incident majorly impacted Dhoni and his life.

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2. MS Dhoni’s 2nd Girlfriend – Deepika Padukone

Dhoni soon rose to fame, and he openly declared his infatuation with the “dimple girl” in 2007, even before Deepika Padukone made her Bollywood debut (Om Shanti Om). He is also reported to have requested SRK for a special screening of Om Shanti Om. Some rumours also state that it was because of Deepika’s personal choice that Dhoni cut his long hair. Deepika was also spotted at a few of Dhoni’s matches. However, Deepika later went on to date Yuvraj Singh.

3. MS Dhoni’s 3rd Girlfriend – Preeti Simoes

Preeti Simoes is next on MS Dhoni’s list of ex-girlfriends, as Dhoni was rumoured to be dating Preeti. Dhoni and Preeti were seen together in public on a few occasions, but they never made their relationship official to the public. Soon after, the two part ways.

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4. MS Dhoni’s 4th Girlfriend – Raai Laxmi

In 2009, the renowned South Indian actress and MS Dhoni dated for a brief period. The couple were reported to be head over heels in love, and Raai Laxmi even stated that she would joyfully marry him if MS Dhoni proposed to her. On the other side, Dhoni did not comment on their relationship. The couple later separated and went their own ways.

5. MS Dhoni’s 5th Girlfriend – Asin Lokhandwala

The media later in 2010 reported that MS Dhoni was romantically involved with Bollywood actress Asin. Their relationship allegedly developed while they were both endorsing the same clothing brand. In 2010, Dhoni was seen visiting Asin’s house prior to an IPL semi-final, which caused rumours to arise. Asin was supposedly Dhoni’s last girlfriend before he got married to Sakshi Singh Rawat later that year. However, in 2011, they were seen together at an event in Sri Lanka. Asin clarified that her intention was simply to congratulate the captain and nothing more.

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