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Lalit Modi reacts to trolls about his relationship with Sushmita Sen, and calls Arnab Goswami the “biggest clown”

Lalit Modi recently posted pictures making his relationship official. He described Sushmita Sen as 'his better half'.

A lot of hearts broke as former Miss Universe and the queen of millions of hearts Sushmita Sen’s relationship with Lalit Modi was made official on July 14th. Popularly known for his brainchild- IPL, Lalit Modi recently announced his relationship with Sen describing her as his ‘better half’. Sharing holiday pictures, he wrote “Just back in London after a whirling global tour #Maldives # sardinia with the families – not to mention my #betterhalf @sushmitasen47 – a new beginning a new life finally. Over the moon.” This news moved social media and a lot of trolls and memes started pouring in. However, this didn’t go well with Modi and he shared a post on his LinkedIn account. He called Arnab Goswami the ‘biggest clown’ as the way he reported Lalit Modi and his relationship with Sushmita Sen, didn’t quite go well with him.

In addition, he called out the media for portraying his relationship with his first wife in a bad light earlier. He suggested that it’s high time media stop spreading fake news and change their ‘crab mentality. Modi also emphasized highly what he has done for BCCI and how credit was taken away from him.

Modi announces relationship with Sushmita Sen

Lalit Modi reacts to trolls about Sushmita Sen, calls Arnab Goswami the “biggest clown”

“Why is the media so obsessed abt trolling me apparently 4 wrongly tagging. Can someone explain – I only did pics on insta- & THEY R NOT WRONG. I GUESS We R still living in the Middle Ages that tl2 people can’t be friends & then if chemistry is right & timing is cool✔️- Magic can happen. I guess because they R no liable suits in our country every Journo is trying there best to be #arnabgoswami – THE BIGGEST CLOWN. My advise live and Let others live. Write THE RIGHT NEWS – not like #donaldtrump style #Fakenews. And if u don’t know let me Enlighten u All- departed love of my life #minalmodi was MY BEST FRIEND for 12 years whilst she was married. She was not my mothers friend. That gossip was spread by vested interests. It’s about time to get out of this #crabmentality – hope u know what that means. Enjoy when someone prospers. Or does well or does 4 his country.

I HOLD MY HEAD HIGHER THEN U ALL Ever can. THOU U CALL ME A “fugitive” – pray & tell me which court has “EVER CONVICTED” me. I will tell u none.TELL ME JUST 1 other person in our beautiful NATION THAT has CREATED WHAT I HAVE. AND GIFTED IT TO THE NATION. AND EVERYONE KNOWS HOW DIFFICULT ITS TO DO BUISNESS IN INDIA. ACROSS 12/15 cities. And as I said in 2008 – @iplt20 – it’s recession proof. All u laughed. Now who is laughing. Because 🌏🌎🌍everyone knows I did it ALL ALONE. none of the 🐒 in @official_bcci did a thing. All came 4 there $ 500 dollars a day TA DA. WHO ELSE DO U KNOW TODAY THAT HAS CREATED SOMETHING That UNITES OUR COUNTRY AND EnjoYs THE VERY GAME I CREATED. DO U THINK I CARE ABOUT U CALLING ME A FUGITIVE – NO. I WAS BORN WITH A “DIAMOND SPOON” I did not take a bribe or ever needed to. LEAST YOU FORGET I AM THE ELDEST GRANDSON OF #raibahadurgujarmalmodi I bought money. Not take. And specially public money. Never took a govt favor. ITS TIME YOU WOKE UP – when I joined BCCI IT HAD 40 crores in the bank. I joined on my birthday nov 29 2005. Guess what was in the bank when I was BANNED – 47,680 crores – that 17 billion usd. Did even 1 clown help. No. They had no idea even where to start. Shame on u fake media. .Now they act like HEROS. Have integrity for once. 🙏🏾 #india #love #media”

Lalit Modi’s LinkedIn post
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