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What are the different Types of Ducks in cricket ? Origin and Explaination

Galli cricket, terrace cricket, box cricket, tennis cricket, international cricket, whichever format it may be, people always enjoy the game of cricket. The enjoyment rises to a great level when an opposition team member makes a howler. The most embarrassing things to do on a cricket field are: dropping a catch, claiming a wicket off the no-ball, and getting out for a duck. Have you ever wondered, the different types of DUCKS in cricket? 

Let’s dive deep into one of the most shameful acts on the cricket field; types of ‘ducks’ in cricket!

  • Golden Duck: – Batsman gets dismissed on the very first ball of the innings without scoring a run. 
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  • Silver Duck: – When a batsman gets out on the second ball of his innings without scoring a run.
  • Bronze Duck: – Yes! You guessed it right! The dismissal on the third ball without scoring a run.

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  • Diamond Ducks: – It happens when a batsman gets dismissed without facing a single ball. This happens when the batsman either runs himself out or when he times himself out. (Batsman who is next to bat has a maximum of 3 minutes. He must get on the crease after the dismissal of his teammate within 3 minutes. If he takes more than 3 minutes, the umpire adjusts him as timed out. The batting side loses another wicket.)
  • Royal Duck: This term is specially used for an opening batsman when he gets out on the very first ball of the innings.  
  • Laughing Duck: – While ending the team’s innings, when a batsman gets out for a duck it is known as Laughing Duck.
  • Pair: – When a batsman gets out on zero in both the innings. 

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  • King Pair: – When a batsman gets out on the very first ball of both innings without scoring a run, it is called a king pair.

Though it is an embarrassing moment for a batman. People always find it amusing to see any batsmen getting out on duck.  So this was all about the Types of Ducks in Cricket

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