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“Account Hack or Brand Ad” Ravi Shastri’s chain of Tweets leaves fans in awe

Ravi Shastri never seizes to amuse fans with his witty Tweets. However, it was his pictures oozing swag that is now making him trend on the micro-blogging site.

Ravi Shastri is now more active on his socials now that he is free from India’s coaching duties. This also brought him back to the commentary box. He has delivered some of the most iconic commentaries before taking charge as the Indian team’s coach. Shastri has been his honest self doing his broadcast duties, openly giving his advice to the young or struggling players. Earlier today, he shared some really cool pictures on his official Twitter handle. Ravi Shastri’s Tweets featured him in a dapper jacket and some cool pairs of glasses. These Tweets are making fans wonder if this is an interesting promotion campaign or if his account has been hacked.

Check: Ravi Shastri’s Swag Tweets

Shastri captioned his first post: “My family lives in Mumbai and I live in the moment.” The first post was posted early morning. While sporting some fiery chains he posed for a picture, which he captioned as “‘Good mornings’ are optional if you haven’t slept at all.” The second picture saw him pose

The third post was the coolest featuring another middle-aged woman alongside Shastri. He wrote “You’re in her DMs. She’s on my VIP guest list.” The posts have been posted with a difference of some hours.

It will be interesting to see what is actually the reason behind these posts. But whatever the reason is, Ravi Shastri looks the coolest in the business.

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