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Stanley Cup Postseason: Wildcard race heats up in the West.

National Hockey League regular season is inching to close as teams completes almost 78 games. The Atlantic and the Pacific has lined up three teams already, just two spots remaining.

Stanley Cup Postseason starts on April 17th, 2024, and runs deep into the middle of June. The Final is played on 18th June 2024 in a series of seven games.

The Wildcard race is heating up as we speak. In the Atlantic, Bruins have clinched the top spot and the President’s Trophy. Tampa Bay Lightning and Toronto Maple Leafs have placed in either of the 2nd or 3rd place.

In the Metropolitan Division, Carolina Hurricanes, NJ Devils, NY Rangers have ensured the top three. Hurricanes has 109 points; Devils have 106 while Rangers 103 points.

The Western Conference Wildcard Table

Team Games PlayedPointsMaximum Attainable PointsRemaining Games
Florida Panthers788795Senators, Capitals, Maple Leafs, Hurricanes
New York Islanders788795Lightning, Flyers, Capitals, Canadiens
Pittsburgh Penguins788694Wild, Redwings, Blackhawks, Blue Jackets
Buffalo Sabres768193Redwings, Hurricanes, Rangers, Devils, Senators, Blue Jackets
Ottawa Senators788189Panthers, Lightning, Hurricanes, Sabres
Detroit Red Wings777989Sabres, Penguins, Stars, Hurricanes, Lightning

NY Islanders and Florida Panthers are key contenders for the last two spots of the Conference. With that being said, Penguins and Sabres and similar chance to take the Wild card spot. The game is heating up as Stanley Cup Postseason nears day-by-day

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