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AFC Asian Cup 2024: Who are the favorites to win the tournament?

As the ball rolls in Lusail tonight, As Qatar boots up against Lebanon, The AFC Asian Cup will take over the continent. After a successful campaign in December 2024, Qatar’s next rendezvous with football will be a spectacle like no other.

The World is onlooking for the next Asian Champion. Can Qatar repeat their magical run of 2019, this time at their home? Will we see a new champion? Predictions are rolling in left and right. In this article, We will explore who we think are the favorites to win the AFC Asian Cup 2024.

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AFC Asian Cup 2024: Japan most strongest to win the tournament

The top contender to win the championship is four-times winners Japan. Japan has exhibited a constant form unmatched by any other team in the league. They have proved to be a good foe in the 2022 World Cup also.

With a star studded team and a good chemistry in all the areas of the, Japan is definitely the top-most team on our list. But One might wonder, Who might be able to put a hindrance in their path?

South Korea would be a better fit. Son Heung-Min and his team are the second best bet to nail down the AFC Asian Cup 2024. They have a history of pain for the past 64 years to heal. Lee Kang-In and Kim Jae-Min are two other important names in their quest.

Saudi Arabia shot into global fame after they defeated the 2022 WC Eventual Champs Argentina in World Cup Group Stage. The players have gained immense global exposure in the past 20 months after the immigration of many foreign hotshots in the Saudi pro league.

The fourth in the list is Australia. They have proved their might and grit by winning a championship in the very short time they have been here. Australia advanced to the R16 where they put up a strong fight against the Albiceleste.

The two major other players are Qatar and Iran. Iran used to be the golden boy of Asian continent in the 1970s after which they haven’t reached a final. Despite this, Iran has reached up to being 15th on the World Rankings.

Qatar, the hosts will attempt at any strand to erase the bad name at the World Cups and repeat their glory run and retrieve their name and pride back.


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