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Interesting Facts about Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas is the current World Number 4 player

Stefanos Tsitsipas tennis player, took the world by storm by reaching the 2018 Canada Masters final at a very young age. Tsitsipas is an up-and-coming youngster who is said to do great things in the future. Here are a few Interesting Facts about Stefanos Tsitsipas.

(1) Tsitsipas comes from a Tennis family

Tsitsipas isn’t the only tennis playing member in his family. His mother Julia Apostoli, was a professional on the WTA tour. Tsitsipas’s father Apostolos Tsitsipas, used to be a tennis coach and introduced Stefanos to tennis.

His younger brother Petros Tsitsipas is even a tennis player. Petros is currently ranked 761 by ATP.

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(2) Good Record in clay court

Tsitsipas has a fantastic record in the clay court. He has won two Monte-Carlo Masters ATP Titles. He even reached the finals of the Italian Open and Madrid Open. Tsitsipas was a 2021 finalist for French Open and lost the match to Novak Djokovic.

(3) A near to death experience changed his perspective

Tsitsipas was a teenager, he had a life-changing experience when he came face to face with a near to death situation. The incident happened when he almost drowned when swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and his father saved him.

(4) Roger Federer was his inspiration

Roger Federer played a huge role in Tsitsipas’s life. Tsitsipas defeated his idol Federer in the fourth round of this year’s Australian Open 2019. Australian Open 2019 was his first debut in the Semi-Finals.

(5) Tsitsipas is good with a camera

Tsitsipas is amazing with the camera too. As he posts amazing photographs on Instagram. Tsitsipas creates video diaries of his travels. And he is thrilled to take that as his hobby.

Tsitsipas has been playing some fantastic tennis and we can’t wait to see him play in the future games.

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