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Carlos Alcaraz picks his ‘GOAT’ of tennis!

Over the past few years, the debate about the GOAT of tennis has produced three answers. One is Roger Federer, the second is Rafael Nadal, and the third is Novak Djokovic. All three have won multiple Grand Slam tournaments and ruled the sport. Multiple debates are based on them about who is the ‘GOAT’ of tennis. Similarly, Carlos Alcaraz has given his take on the GOAT debate.

Carlos Alcaraz said:

“Everyone has their perception of things, and for me, all three (Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic) are the best.”

Here is the complete statement:

“Everyone has their perception of things. For some, it is Djokovic the best; for others, it is Nadal; and for others, it is Federer.”

Rafael Nadal said that it is Djokovic at the level of numbers, and I also think so. At the level of numbers, Djokovic is the best in history. There is no doubt about that.”

“I think to say who is the best is something that goes beyond the numbers. All three are there and are the best.

Undoubtedly, the big three, i.e., Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic, are the best. Each player has won multiple Grand Slam titles and ruled the sport. They have tasted victory against each other, and it is tough to pick one of them.

Which legend of the sport do you pick as the goat? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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The GOAT debate!

Roger Ferderer Tennis Record

  • Career: 1998-2022
  • Prize money earnings: $130,594,339
  • Singles career record: 1251-275
  • Win percentage: 82%
  • Career titles: 103
  • Grand Slams: 20 (6x Australian Open, 1x French Open, 8x Wimbledon, and 5x US Open)
  • Tour Finals titles: 6
  • Olympic medal: Gold in doubles and Silver in singles

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 Rafael Nadal Tennis Record

  • Career: 2001-present
  • Prize money earnings: $134,659,704
  • Singles career record: 1070-221
  • Win percentage: 82.9%
  • Career titles: 92
  • Grand Slams: 22 (2x Australian Open, 14x French Open, 2x Wimbledon, and 4x US Open)
  • Tour Finals titles: 2x Runner-up
  • Olympic medal: Gold in singles and doubles

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Novak Djokovic Tennis Record

  • Career: 2003-present
  • Prize money earnings: $181,599,018
  • Singles career record: 1094-215
  • Win percentage: 83.6%
  • Career titles: 98
  • Grand Slams: 24 (10x Australian Open, 3x French Open, 7x Wimbledon, and 4x US Open)
  • Tour Finals titles: 7
  • Olympic medal: Bronze in singles

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