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Dominic Thiem talks about his future in tennis

The Austrian tennis star Dominic Thiem is one of the most underrated tennis players. He used to be among the top seeds in every tournament during his prime and won multiple titles. He also won a Grand Slam tournament, but after that, things didn’t turn out well.

Due to a wrist injury in 2021, he was out of the game for a season and rapidly fell in the singles rankings. Later, he returned in 2022 but has struggled to find ways of winning a title. Looking at his performances in the past few years, Thiem has his say on his future in tennis.

Dominic Thiem said:

“If I finish the year at 100 again, you have to consider whether the whole thing is still worthwhile.

He also mentioned:

“For two years now, I have been ranking spheres I don’t want to be in. Of course, that puts a strain on me.”

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Is Dominic Thiem struggling?

As mentioned, Thiem has found it hard to find ways of winning a title since his comeback. He has rarely made his way to the quarterfinals of an ATP tournament, and when it comes to Grand Slams, he fails to put on a show.

At the 2024 Australian Open, 2024 Wimbledon, 2024 French Open, and 2024 Australian Open, he lost in the first round. On the other hand, he lost in the second round of the 2024 US Open, where he lifted his only Grand Slam title.

From winning 17 ATP tour titles and playing in the finals of Grand Slam tournaments to struggling to win since his tennis return. It is hard to say, but Dominic Thiem is struggling.

He is stuck in the 90th ranking spot in singles, and only winning games can solve his problem. The only thing that Thiem needs to do is believe in himself. Don’t lose hope, and fight throughout the season.

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Dominic Thiem’s stats before and after 2020

Before 2020

  • Season: 11
  • Total Games: 559
  • Wins: 366
  • Losses: 193
  • Winning Percentage: 65.4%
  • Tournaments Played: 213
  • Titles: 21 (including ITF)
  • Highest Ranking: 3rd

Since 2021 (including 2024)

  • Season: 4
  • Total Games: 121
  • Wins: 61
  • Losses: 60
  • Win Percentage: 50.4%
  • Tournaments Played: 60
  • Titles: Nil
  • Current Ranking: 90th

(Note: The 2024 season statistics are as of the 2024 Australian Open.)

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