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Is the hate against Montreal Canadiens’ Draft Pick David Reinbacher justified?

David Reinbacher smiled his way into the dias as the Habs selected him for their first-round pick, not knowing his happiness wouldn’t last much longer, not knowing his DMs would be filled with anger and hate. Reinbacher, Montreal Canadiens’ first-round pick received death threats, comparison to Adolf Hitler among other nasty acts. But Why?

Well, The hate doesn’t have anything to do with Reinbacher per se. The hate is against the management that disseminates in the form of hatred against the young player. The hate emanates from the fact that the Habs management skipped Matvei Michkov, another promising player to select David Reinbacher. The fact that the Canadiens have gone against the wishes of the fans for a second year in a row hasn’t helped their case either. In the last draft, the Habs passed on Shane Wright despite fans and Montreal media suggesting he would be a game-changer. Also Read: 5 Biggest NFL Stadiums as per Capacity

The thing that has to do with David Reinbacher is his playing position. Habs fans really wanted a star forward and not a defenseman. On a positive note, David is the most highly-ranked D-man in the NHL Draft and possesses good skating and agile skills. Now, onto the real question. Should the Canadiens have selected Matvei Michkov?

Therein lies a perspective difference. You can see a player who has played for three years in the Kontinental Hockey League. Or you could see a player who actively said he’s interested in the Flyers, shrugging off the other teams. Now, Why should the Canadiens select a player who has no interest in their team? Someone who won’t perform as well as they might in Flyers.

The hatred towards Reinbacher is baseless, at least not valid enough to blame him and compare him to a dictator. For a team who has a history and legacy, their fans are showing unsportsmanlike behavior and lacking any ethics. Also Read: Mason Mount tells his life story with beautifully carved tattoos over his body

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Mohammed Bazim
Mohammed Bazim
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