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Mason Mount tells his life story with beautifully carved tattoos over his body

Mason Mount, a 24-year-old striker, stands as one of England’s most exceptionally talented emerging prospects. Having commenced his journey at the revered Blues Young Academy at the tender age of six, he has been an integral part of the Chelsea football club ever since. Mount’s remarkable agility and unwavering commitment to his craft have not only earned him recognition but also secured his place in Chelsea’s history books as the first-ever graduate from their esteemed academy to debut and amass an impressive tally of 50 appearances in a single season.

Mason Mount boasts an impressive array of tattoos adorning his body. With a penchant for experimenting with new looks, Mount exudes an infectious enthusiasm in showcasing each one of his inked designs. As an active presence on Instagram, Mount frequently provides glimpses into his career and personal life, affording fans the opportunity to delve into his captivating world.

When it comes to acquiring body art, Mount and his former teammates at Chelsea often visit London Social tattoo studio, led by the talented Miles Langford, to embellish their bodies with captivating designs. Although Mount typically conceals his tattoos in most of his pictures through the use of full sleeves and socks, we are fortunate enough to possess a noteworthy collection of these mesmerizing artworks. Head below to scour through Mason Mount’s jaw-dropping body inks

The UCL Trophy adorns Mount’s Abdomen

“It is something that I thought of after the final. It has taken quite a long time to get the design and everything that I wanted but Miles, the tattooist, is brilliant, one of the best in the business. He did an unbelievable job with it. Obviously the stadium was Estadio do Dragao so I wanted that involved just for the memory of where we played and the atmosphere that was around the game. Having the dragon around the trophy just felt right for me. I am really happy with it and I love it.”

Mason told Sky Sports when asked it’s meaning and importance

Mason Mount got his first tattoo after the UEFA Champions League victory in 2021 for the Blues. Mount who was in stellar form the season provided the assist for the single goal that proved golden. The dragon surrounding the trophy is a callback to the stadium in which Chelsea defeated Manchester City 1-0, Estadio do Dragao.

Mason Mount got a thing for Latin

Mason Mount possesses a pair of tattoos that draw their origins from the Latin language. Elegantly engraved across the expanse of his back, one encounters the phrase “Inopinatum Expectos,” which can be interpreted as “Anticipate the Unforeseen.” This particular inscription holds profound significance for Mason, stemming from his professional football journey. Without an explanation, one could say that his career has been a mix of favorable and unfavorable unforeseen circumstances throughout his 24 years of existence.

Furthermore, adorning his right calf, one encounters the Latin expression “Per Aspera Ad Astra,” which translates to “Through Hardship to the Stars.” This captivating phrase serves as a poignant reminder of the resilient and tenacious nature embedded within Mason’s character. It tells his unwavering determination to navigate through challenging adversities on his path to attaining the pinnacle of success.

Mason Mount pays homage to his hometown, Portsmouth

Mason Mount was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire. He played for both Pompey and Chelsea in his young days training aggressively. His father says that his Purbrook Park son has a bit of Portsmouth aggression in him.

In order to honor his hometown, Portsmouth, Mount has imprinted a tattoo of the HMS Victory. HMS Victory, now decommissioned and stationed in Portsmouth, served Lord Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar.

HMS Victory is not the only ink on his right arm

Mason has much more to his right arm than his homage to Pompey. He has his birth year etched on the back of his right bicep. Above it is two hung-up boxing gloves.

Recently, he added a “sword pierced into a crown” near the gloves and 1999. The tattoo though we have no accurate meaning, we figure it’s memorabilia of victory. When we see a tattoo of the distinction, it is said to be a reminder of how far we have come. Mason Mount has come far.

Below the small tattoos, An inscription reads, “Every road will take you home”

In the year 2024, Mason Mount made an addition to his collection of tattoos by incorporating a striking and formidable depiction of an eagle. Positioned diagonally above the HMS Victory, this eagle motif is a shared trait among the ex-Chelsea lads. Notably, Christian Pulisic and Ben Chillwell also proudly display this emblematic tattoo.

Adding to his evolving body art, in April of the same year, Mason chose to adorn his physique with a tattoo depicting the phases of the moon. It’s placed directly above the previously mentioned eagle tattoos. Additionally, positioned below the moon phases, Mason incorporated another tattoo bearing the numeric sequence “1234.”

These recent additions to Mason’s tattoo collection reflect his ongoing exploration of meaningful symbols and visual representations.

Mount leaves no stone unturned for his family and he has the perfect tattooes for them

The three blackened dots represent his siblings, and the empty hollow circle is a representation of him

Mason, born to Tony and Debbie Mount, holds a deep appreciation for his family bonds. He shares a special closeness with his siblings, namely Stacy Muchmore, Jasmine Benham, and Lewis Mount. He wholeheartedly dedicated his achievements to his beloved siblings. The four dots (3 filled, 1 hollow) on his left upper arm is a tribute to his siblings. Concurrently, an empty circle serves as a symbolic representation of Mason himself.

Notably, adorning his right arm, the presence of boxing gloves holds great significance in relation to his familial ties. These gloves pay homage to his grandfather, who was reputed to possess a formidable boxing hook. Moreover, Mason’s body art encompasses a stargazer lily, a poignant tribute to his grandmother’s favorite flower, as well as a pair of cherubs. The cherubs serve as tangible mementos derived from his grandparents’ wedding cake which had cherub figurines. Mason shared these intimate details in an exclusive interview with Tatler Magazine, where he graced the cover alongside model Emilia Boateng.

Furthermore, beneath his nipple region, just above the stomach, Mason has etched his parents’ birth dates, an enduring testament to his profound love and admiration for his mother and father. These intricate and personal tattoos serve as constant reminders of the cherished familial connections that have shaped his life’s journey.

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