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Watch: Warriors’ Coach Steve Kerr Amused as Draymond Green Surpasses Michael Jordan in a ‘Random’ Record

"That's a random stat, but yeah we'll celebrate that. I'll go down and toast Draymond downstairs."

It is a fact universally acknowledged that Draymond Green isn’t the best shooter for the Warriors, especially with Stephen Curry on the team. However, Green has surpassed a legend in the record of career three-pointers scored. Green playing for the Warriors in Saturday night’s game against Houston Rockets scored a three-pointer, his sole for the match. However, that single point made him edge Michael Jordan in the number of three-pointers scored in a season. Conseqently, Warriors coach Steve Kerr, amused byGreen’ record, iterated his plans to celebrate the achievement with Green.

The legendary NBA player, Michael Jordan averaged 30.1 points in his 15-year-long career. Draymond Green, on the other hand, averages 8.7 points per game. For three-pointers, Green averages 2.6 per game whereas Jordan’s average sits at 1.7. However, no matter, how stark that difference, Green has now edged Jordan in a bizarre and just a single contest. The record amused many and consequently, the press asked the Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr for his take on Green’s achievement over Michael Jordan.

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Expectedly, Kerr had a rather amused reaction to the fact and termed it “random” while laughing it off. “That’s good, I like that,” Kerr noted. “That’s a random stat, but yeah we’ll celebrate that. I’ll go down and toast Draymond downstairs,” Kerr further added. Incidentally, even after surpassing the legend himself, Green still sits at the 322nd spot for most three-pointers in NBA history. The figure is enough to put it all in perspective of Green’s spot in the shooting department.

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