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Top 5: Performances by Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry has had some record-setting games in his NBA career so far, but what are the best performances by Stephen Curry ever?

Whether it’s during the regular season or deep in the playoffs, Curry is capable of a memorable performance every time he steps onto the court. With an exceptionally deep range from beyond the arc, he’s one of the most iconic 3-point shooters NBA has ever fostered.

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Best performances by Stephen Curry

When it comes to shooting behind the arc, there is a long list of Steph Curry records. He owns the all-time three-pointers made record and is undoubtedly the greatest shooter in NBA history.

With his quick release and ability to get open no matter who is defending him, Curry can take over games in a matter of minutes. When he is in the midst of one of his top Stephen Curry performances, he makes the basket look the size of a swimming pool.

Simply put, when Steph Curry has a hot shooting hand, there is nothing anyone can do to stop him.

5. October 31, 2015: 53 points vs Pelicans

The Pelicans were definitely frightened when Curry came into town on Halloween in 2015.

Curry was quiet in the first half, although he still had 15 points heading into the break. Things quickly changed in the third quarter as Curry caught fire. Curry exploded for 28 points in the third, making 10 of his 13 shot attempts in the quarter.

In the fourth quarter, Curry added another 10 points while also collecting three steals and three assists. He played just over six and a half minutes in the quarter as the Warriors cruised to a 14-point victory. Curry finished with 53 points, which included 38 points in the second half alone.

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4. June 10, 2022, NBA Finals game 4: 43 points vs Celtics

With the Warriors down 2-1 in the series, fans witnessed one of the greatest Curry performances to keep Golden State alive.

Despite missing a lot of shots in the first quarter, Curry had 19 points in the first half to keep the game close. It was in the third and fourth quarters that Curry willed his team to victory. With not much help from the supporting cast, Curry dropped 24 points in the second half. He only missed four shots in the final two quarters and was 5-6 from three-point range.

Curry finished the game a +11 when on the court. He would go on to score 43 points while adding 10 rebounds as the Warriors evened the series with a 107-97 win.

3. January 3, 2021: 62 points vs Trail Blazers

With a career-high 62 points, his performance against the Trail Blazers on January 3, 2021, is definitely one of the best Steph Curry games in his career so far.

Curry showed just how easily he can score, as he needed less than 37 minutes to get to 62 points. He got to the free-throw line 19 times and converted all but one of his attempts. From the field, Curry shot 18-31 and 8-16 from three-point range.

He had 31 points in each half as the Warriors went on to win by 15 points.

2. November 7, 2016: 46 points vs Pelicans

Steph Curry made history against the Pelicans in 2016. Curry broke the record for most three-pointers in a game, as he made 13 on his way to 46 points that night.

What might be most surprising is that Curry went 0-10 from deep in his previous game before setting the all-time record. In the first half against New Orleans, Curry went 6-8 from three and had 23 points. Curry added another four threes in the third quarter to inch closer to the record.

In the final quarter, Curry gave the fans what they wanted. He went 3-4 from three in the fourth, setting the record with 13 three-pointers made. The record was broken by teammate Klay Thompson in 2018 when he made 14 threes in a single game.

1. February 27, 2016: 46 points vs Thunder

As far as best Steph Curry games go, this one tops the list, and it is because of his miraculous game-winning shot from 32 feet out.

It didn’t look like it would be one of the greatest Steph games ever, but that quickly changed in overtime. Curry completely took the game over in the extra five minutes, scoring 12 points while shooting 3-4 from three-point range. With the game tied at 118, Curry pulled up from way behind the three-point line and made it with one second remaining to give the Warriors the three-point victory.

Curry finished the game with 46 points and shot 75% from behind the arc. Although he made 12 threes in the game, only one will be remembered from Curry’s greatest performance.

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