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“You’re black, you won’t even get paid” Donald Sterling makes racist remarks

After remarks by Donald Sterling remarks, NBA United has come back to life. The NBA and Adam Silver have been working tirelessly to help secure the athletes that call the NBA their home. Ever since the world shut down in 2020 and so did the league, things have been extremely chaotic to manage. Several controversial issues, player safety and just the overall well being of the league has been tough to maintain lately.

Disturbances are almost unavoidable at times which several cases of injustice taking place on a regular basis. The NBA is no stranger to such cases either. Back in 2014, former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers was booked for racist remarks made to his partner.

The case stated that Donald Sterling did not appreciate the fact that his the girlfriend associated herself with black individuals. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver wanted no part of Sterling’s investments and banned him for life. This also included a fine of $2.5 million while the league authorities pushed for him to sell the Clippers.

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Adam Silver slammed for being lenient with Robert Sarver

A similar situation arose quite recently when Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver was accused of derogatory racial remarks and sexual misconduct. Almost an entire year after the allegations were taken up, nearly 70 victims of the oppressor gave their statement to the investigators of the matters.

Adam Silver took a much different route while punishing Sarver for his actions. The consequences include being banned for an entire year from all Suns related events, both on and off court, as well as $10 million compensation. People were surprised of Silver’s lenient punishment considering he urges Sterling to sell the team.

While players like LeBron James and former president of the NBPA Chris Paul claim that the severity of the punishment was too low. CP3 in particular claimed the league “fell short” of what they should have done. The Commissioner claimed that he had done whatever he could in his power and that firing Sarver was a decision only the man could make himself.

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