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LA Lakers Look to Trade Patrick Beverley and Kendrick Nunn instead of Rumoured Russell Westbrook: Report

The ongoing season isn’t faring well for the Los Angeles Lakers. With the current sitting of 7-12, the Lakers are placed at the 13th spot in the Western Conference. The team’s inadequate shooting record has been a worrying spectacle this season. And with a sub-par run till this stage, the Lakers are overlooking potentially major changes in the current roster. As per the latest reports, Lakers will kick off the trade on December 15th, the set date when the teams can trade their off-season free-agent signings. And swerving away from the incessant rumors, Lakers are looking beyond trading Russell Westbrook as Patrick Beverly and Kendrick Nunn come first in the line.

Russell Westbrook has been underwhelming for the Lakers for a while now. Consequently, the high-priced supposed asset has made it into numerous trading rumors. However, debunking the hearsay, Johan Buva dispensed the actual plans of the Lakers. Buha of the Athletic stated that the Lakers’ front office is looking to engage in smaller trade deals that include Patrick Beverly and Kendrick Nunn. Though they’re also looking to trade Westbrook, the current scenario is working towards Nunn and Beverley trade first.

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“We know Russell Westbrook has been in a bunch of trade rumors. The team is still actively trying to trade him, though they’re unsure of what they want to do with their picks. But the other three guys (beyond LeBron and AD on non-minimum contracts), Lonnie Walker has been one of the steals of the offseason and has really thrived in that starting shooting guard role… Kendrick Nunn has not lived up to his contract, and has been really inconsistent this season. And Patrick Beverley has still been solid defensively but is averaging career-lows in points, 3-point percentage, and has just really been a non-factor offensively,” Boha said.

So I think looking at Pat and Kendrick specifically, those have been the two names that have come up a lot in potential deals where the Lakers could package those guys together and get to about $20 million combined and then you throw in a first-round pick potentially, and all of sudden there are a lot of options where you get upwards of $22-25 million back in salary and throw in a pick and maybe you get a high-level starter or two coming back the other way if its a rebuilding team that’s looking to shed some salary,” he explained further.

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