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MotoGP enters Central Asia with Kazakhstan GP in 2023

Sokol International Racetrack is the 74th venue to host a Motorcycle Grand Prix.

Almaty, located almost a thousand kilometers away from the current capital city, gets its name from apples. Located in the foothills of Trans-Ili-Alatau, Almaty is the largest city in the transcontinental country of Kazakhstan. Almaty augments the beauty of mountains with captivating marketplaces and vibrant life. Sokol International Centre located just outside Almaty looks forward to introducing MotoGP with Kazakhstan GP in 2023.

“2023 marks the start of the new five-year deal that sees MotoGP touch down in a new region of the world”. Dorna Sports announced the introduction of Almaty in the above said fashion. Kazakhstan with the addition of Sokol International Racetrack in 2023 becomes the thirtieth country to host a Motorcycle GP since 1949. Additionally, Sokol will create history as the 74th venue to host a Motorcycle GP.

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MotoGP expects to furnish its existing fanbase in Asia with Kazakhstan GP and GP of Bharat. The third most sought-after sporting event already has circuits in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Qatar. The introduction of MotoGP in Central Asia will add rich heritage to the sport and all new fanbases. Almaty has a name in Bandy and speed-skating, so another speeding event has a huge chance there. Kazakhstan’s presence will extract fans from nearby territories like Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, China, and Turkmenistan. Kazakhstan’s addition is also an attempt to revive the lost audience from a certain European GP.

The new season starts on March 26th in Portugal’s Algarve as the season-opening Losail needs functional upgrades. The full and completed calendar has not been revealed but we hope that it does soon. In addition to new circuits in India and Kazakhstan, MotoGP 2023 will also have sprint races. The sprint races will happen in every round for half the distance of the actual race.

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Mohammed Bazim
Mohammed Bazim
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