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What’s Buzz Around the Belgian Grand Prix Trophy?

The Dutch champion racer Max Verstappen steered from P14 to P1 for his 29th career victory in Formula One.

Spa-Francorchamps: Max Verstappen upheld a different and intriguing trophy as erupted in the joy of his 29th career victory. The Belgian Grand Prix 2022 was nothing but a huge victory. Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc leaped huge from the back of the grids. Lewis Hamilton crashing out in the first lap, Tsunoda starting from pit lane. The popcorn bucket had to refilled twice for this wonderful race.

The Belgian Grand Prix Trophy by being cent percent recyclable sets the standard and directs the vision of Formula One. The trophy features the lap layout of the Spa Circuit. Made of an Oak found in the arena, It begins the journey of being entirely endemic in addition to being recyclable.

Being one of the most feared corners in Formula One, Raidillon has carved a name for itself. Acclerating straight from the La Source hairpin, Raidillon is intimidating as well as gorgeous. Overlooked by massive mountains, Raidillon is often mistaken for Eau Rouge. It is very poetic that the Belgian Grand Prix trophy is inset with pieces of asphalt from 1990s from the very corner. Yes, you heard it cut and clear. Inset in glass specks of black asphalt, the trophy is as gorgeous as the corner.

When we thought, it could not be anymore special, It is. The trophy augments itself with little droplets of water from Eau rouge. Eau Rouge, meaning Red Water in French, is a 15 kilometer stream that originates from Hautes Fagnes. The stream runs alongside the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps and crosses it at one point. The point gives its name to of yet another favored corner in F1, The Eau Rouge Corner. The wet droplets slide alongside the trophy’s interior glass cut making it look watery and intriguing.

The trophy adds value as well as promise. The Spa which stood a chance of losing its place went lengths this time. Max Verstappen not only won a race in Spa but a piece of Spa

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