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Watch: Fuming Max Verstappen calls George a d*ckhead amid the heated convo at Baku

Max Verstappen of Redbull has won the last two championships and is gunning for a third one in 2023.

Max Verstappen and George Russell had a not very nice conversation amid the Sprint Race at Baku earlier today. The defending champion branded the Brit racer a “d*ckhead” at the end of their very thick talk as soon as the cars parked.

Max started the Baku Sprint Race in P3 alongside George Russell in second row. The two made contact in the opening lap, leaving the Redbull’s sidepod with a gaping hole. Max took lead post the race restart after the red flag. However, no thanks to the damage, the Dutch couldn’t withstand the threat from the Monegasque Charles Leclerc. Eventually, Max Verstappen finished third and George came fourth.

Once the cars were parked, Russell explained that he had no grip and tried locking up. Max responded that they all have no grip but it makes sense to leave some space. George snapped at Max’s tone and asked the Dutch what can he do. To this, Max threatened him to expect the same and branded Russell a d*ckhead. Also Read: George Russell Net Worth 2023, Salary, Endorsements, Cars, Houses, Properties, Etc

Max Verstappen later defended his actions later to Sky sports. Russell remarked that Max could have waited one more lap and overtook him, an easy possibility with the Redbull’s speed. He also added that there was no mistake from his part. Furthermore, the Brit racer expected a bit more of a fight, gearing up to use a lot of F-words and whatnots.

Redbull’s another driver Sergio Perez won the Sprint Race ahead of Leclerc. The victory has reduced Max’s lead by thirteen points ahead of the Sunday race.

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Mohammed Bazim
Mohammed Bazim
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