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Spanish Grand Prix: Top Five Most Memorable Moments

Spanish Grand Prix is one of the most oldest races in the world. Spread between five circuits over the years, Spanish GP has a legendary backstory. There has been a lot of events that happened in the past that are memorable.

Some moments stick with us. Like when India lifted their first world cup after 28 years or when Germany pulled a seven goal against favorites Brazil. Here, we try to pick five Spanish GP Moments that stick with us

Pastor Maldonado and Williams Racing stuns the crowd

On May 12, 2012, A Venezuelan driver got his first pole position. It was after the original pole holder Hamilton broke the technical rules and had to start from the back. On the next day, homeboy Alonso took the lead away in the first lap itself.

After a few front lead changes, Maldonado got his lead back in the 47th lap. Alonso was third at the time and he overtook Kimi and came second. But he failed to overtake the Williams driver

Pastor celebrated his first podium and first victory in Formula One. With the victory he became the first driver from Venezuela to win the Grand Prix. It was also Williams’ first victory since Brazil in 2004

Schumacher does it in the rain

It was 1996, Ferrari was in the backseat of the Formula One. They had not won a single Drivers’ Title since 1979. Williams Racing was cruising with might and power. It was then the rising star Micheal Schumacher joined the ranks

Schumacher’s car was not anywhere near good. The car was just plain bad. However, the end result would aegue. For a whole second, Schumacher was behind Hill after qualifying.

After a terrible start, he fell behind everyone to P10. Micheal Schumacher then slid through the rainy and wet surface with skill. He overpassed everyone and pulled Villeneuve for the lead

It was drenched in rain and the horrifying conditions remained the same for a very long time. Despite that, Schumacher raced first finishing 45 seconds before the runner-up. This was the first of six victories of Schumacher at the Circuit.

Homeboy Alonso goes wild

Alonso’s last victory at the Spanish Grand Prix was a sight for the eyes. Winning at the home circuit is a pride moment for any player. Alonso have won in the past and was known by the name “El Nino”.

It was in 2013 when Alonso defeated the Barcelona circuit. Nico Rosberg started the contest from pole position, ahead of teammate Lewis Hamilton. Fernando Alonso won his thirty-second Grand Prix, his second in his home race, ahead of Lotus-Kimi Renault’s Räikkönen and Ferrari teammate Felipe Massa. Nico Rosberg, the pole sitter, finished sixth overall. On the first lap, Fernando Alonso went around the outside of both Kimi Räikkönen and Lewis Hamilton as they approached turn 3. Ferrari’s strategy of four pit stops was risky, but it proved to be the best choice, as Alonso beat Räikkönen.

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Teen Max Breaks the Mercedes Run

Mercedes has the stronghold in the turbo hybrid era. They have been races and titles left and right. It was in 2016 when a eighteen year old Max Verstappen broke the streak.

It was the debut race for Max at Red Bull after swapping places with Danii Kvyat in the Toro Rosso pit. Both Mercedes racers couldn’t finish the race after retiring. On lap 12, Verstappen overtook Ricciardo to become the first Dutch to lead an F1 race. In the end he also become the first Dutch racer to win the Grand Prix and also the first from the 1990s.

The race still remains as one opposite in a group of Spanish Grand Prix. No Other Racer from another racing team other than Mercedes have won a prize at the Circuit de Catalunya ever since. Will the Chain Break?

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Mansell gave Senna the lecture of all time

The Circuit de Catalunya bore witness to one of the most spectacular momenst in racing circuit in 1991. It was the first grand prix at the Circuit de Catalunya. Nigel Mansell and Ayrton Senna were placed second and third at the grid.

It was supposedly to be one of the biggest match rivalries. The top rows were packed with the star studded legends of the era. On the fourth lap, Mansell and Senna came side to side moving in a same pace in a straight line.

Literal sparks were flying out of the cars. Senna moved into Mansell’s direction and Mansell edged on to Senna as they head to the first corner. Mansell and Senna were inches apart from each other. Mansell then took the line and moved forward to win the race while Senna finished fifth.

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