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Sainz and Alonso: Which Spaniard will finish highest at home Grand Prix?

Home is a feeling. A place where you feel connected. One’s values, his culture and his traditions stem from the very root of your nativity. Being a champion at your home in front of your fellow citizens, that is a whole new level of pride. As Formula One returns back to Europe, It is Carlos Sainz Jr and Fernando Alonso who will be driving in front of their home audience. Circuit de Catalunya will go wild with their chants

Fernando Alonso is without a doubt the home favorite. Alonso was termed the “El Nino” back in his prime days. He has won at the very same circuit two times before in the past. The two time champion won his first Grand Prix at Spain in 2006 and emulated the feat in 2013 once more.

Carlos Sainz on the other hand has never won a race before. His highest finish is second which he achieved in 2020 Italian Grand Prix. Sainz have a history of points in the Spanish Grand Prix. Eversince debutting, he has never gone out of the top ten positions at Barcelona. His greatest finish came in 2016 with Toro Rosso and 2020 with Ferrari.

Looking at the past performances in the season. it is undeniable that Sainz will be the better placed Spaiard. He has took part in five races. In the first one he secured a second place while in the other two he raced, he scored a nice third. Out of the five he raced this season, he reached podium in all the races where he didn’t crash out or had to retire after accident.

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Alonso on the other hand had pretty much a devastating season so far. Other than the first race he was not able to enter the the points. He similar to Sainz could not finish two races. His all finishes are 9,17 and 11 respectively at Bahrain, Australia and Miami.

It is obvious that between Sainz and Alonso, the former is the better option to place highest. The chance of Alonso placing higher if Sainz crashes out of the race. Sainz is a good form this season making three podiums in three races already. He is also constantly backing his teammate Leclerc in all ways possible. However Alonso is now being constantly pushed around to retire and taunted with his increasing age and the need to retire. He will go ends to prove that he can go lengths and be the formidable guy of the past.

We are already expecting some good fight at Barcelona during the race weekend. Sainz is already in a beef with the former champion. Alonso and Sainz had an altercation in the previous race at Miami. The former was reported as furious after the incident. So it is best to lookout for some action between the Spanish hombres. Things will be macho this weekend.

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Mohammed Bazim
Mohammed Bazim
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