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Pierre Gasly feels Sprint Races are not ‘worthwhile’

Alpine driver Pierre Gasly has spoken out on how he prefers the traditional race set up over the recently introduced Sprint Race format.

Sprint Races Haven’t Proved Their Worth To Pierre Gasly

Pierre Gasly is one driver who has been outspoken on how he doesn’t want Sprint Races to dominate Formula 1 races in the future. He did not hide his adoration for the traditional set up. He stated, “Personally I really like the normal format with the qualifying on Saturday and then one grand Prix on Sunday.”

But the former Alpha Tauri driver does recognise the financial potential of Sprint Races. Gasly said, “Sprint races. I see the positives financially for the organization.” But in terms of ‘spectacle’ the 26-year-old feels that Sprint Races “still have not proved” to him that it’s worth having more Sprint Races.

Sprint Races were initially introduced to Formula 1 in the 2021 season. It is a 100 km dash to the finishing line that takes place on Saturdays and determines your starting position for the main race on Sunday. There were three Sprint Races in the 2022 season and that number is set to be bumped up to six Sprint Races for the 2023 season. Statements from drivers like Gasly put the spotlight on how Formula 1 as a sport has evolved to prioritizing profits over the true spectacle of racing. Also Read: McLaren Managed To Save Money Despite Daniel Ricciardo’s Expensive Exit

Pierre Gasly echoes the views of World Champion Max Verstappen

Verstappen had given a very raw and unfiltered take on Sprint Races. As he simply put it – “I’m not a big fan of it because I feel like we don’t really race.” Verstappen feels that there’s a narrower scope for overtaking and racing as the drivers know that the main race is on Sunday in the back of their heads.

Haas driver Kevin Magnussen agreed with the Dutchman’s take. “Max has a good point that the risk you want to take in the sprint is less because it decides your position for Sunday. I think maybe a good tweak could be to separate that so you can go for it.”

Verstappen is not against Sprint Races. But calls for a revision of the format to make it more ‘exciting’. “I do like that one practice and going straight to qualifying. I don’t mind that because it’s less practice for everyone to get fully up to speed and you need to really nail the set-up,” Verstappen added. Also Read: Zhou Guanyu Highlights The Ignorance Of His Critics

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