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Max Verstappen crowned as the FIA World Champion 2022 after victory at the Japanese Grand Prix

Max Verstappen is the first Dutch racer to win consecutive World Championship Titles in Formula One

Max Verstappen crossed the chequered flag first for the 12th time this season. The Dutch 25-year-old finished ahead of Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez to win his first-ever Japanese Grand Prix.

With the victory, after clouds of confusion, FIA declared Max Verstappen as the World Champion for 2022. Max Verstappen has become the champion for the second year straight. He joins an elite list of drivers, which includes Jack brabham, Alberto Ascari, Hamilton, with back-to-back titles. The Suzuka Circuit creates yet another champion. In 2011, Sebastian Vettel was crowned the FIA Formula One World Champion. Seems like RBR and Suzuka has a secret understanding.

The race started amid a rainy outlook. Chaos soon followed, and Carlos Sainz slipped into the tires on the first lap itself. Minutes later, a crane was sported in the circuit, a legit crane. Controversy erupted with fuming fans blasting the official handles for this blunder. It was the same as when Jules Bianchi lost his life 8 years ago. Reminded of the mishap, The drivers were also not very elated, Lando Norris, and Sergio Perez was quick to put furious veiled statements on their handles.

The race resumed after quite a while. Max Verstappen held onto his P1 but the fastest lap twisted and turned between drivers. Charles Leclerc trailed Max not close but enough to avoid a Championship at Suzuka. Sergio Perez, however, never let Leclerc out of his sight. The Mexican challenged the Monegasque till the latter made a mistake. On the final lap, Leclerc left the track for quite some milliseconds enough for a penalty. FIA relegated Charles Leclerc, who finished second, to P3 giving Max the required points gap. Even then, the confusion did not settle down.

The FIA Regulations are really hard stuff to gulp down. After a lot of confusion, Max was and then Max wasn’t. The first time he heard him winning the Championship, Max jumped in elation and embraced his girlfriend Kelly Piquet. Then, a few seconds later, FIA announced the partial points, and all of the fandom stunned. What is F1 without drama? Moments later, Max Verstappen became officially the World Champion.

Clouds, Chaos, Controversy, Confusion, Camaraderie. There’s no better explanation for the Japanese Grand Prix. Max Verstappen will take his tyres and go home to celebrate. Formula One will return at Austin on 22nd this month.

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Mohammed Bazim
Mohammed Bazim
With a dream to be in the paddock living the life, Mohammed Bazim is a 19-year-old collegiate who spends his day watching old games, trying to learn more about his passion, Formula One. Hailing from Kerala, he considers himself to be a trivia aficionado. His lover passion for trivia does not end at Formula 1, it just begins there. Bazim loves to write about anything and everything related to Business, Sports, Fashion, and International Relations.


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