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Leclerc and Sainz channel the Ferrari gallant in the latest GQ September 2022 The Hype Issue

Maranello: Black leather jacket accoutered two coquettish grins. A boyish Monacan and another un chico español atractivo. The men in black lean against a devilishly handsome Ferrari. The prancing horse screams attention and power. There might be no words to do justice to the latest GQ September 2022 Hype Issue.

The salacious pictures were captured by the expert photographer Jack Bridgland for the GQ September 2022 The Hype Issue. Sainz and Leclerc were styled by Tobias Frericks with the production of C41. Maria Carlini assisted by Joana Gandola groomed the young hotshots. Check out the brilliantly captured pictures below.

Inside, Tom Lamont has penned down an amazing feature titled: Red Hot. He journeys deep inside Maranello to study and analyze how the Spaniard and The Monegasque are trying to put the Prancing Horses back on top. Tom studies the town and how they react to setbacks and the rise of their favorite team.

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc and the entire Ferrari are a part of laughing stock as we scribble down this article. As we look back, are they really? The young drivers have done rigorous training and put a lot on their plate to enlighten a chance at the World Championship in Maranello. They might have tweaked the chances of it but somehow it is quite commendable how Ferrari has sprung from past disastrous seasons. The GQ article covers up every bit of the champion teams not just their challenging future but also the enamored past and the unstable present.

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