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Guenther Steiner turns a deaf ear to ‘copying’ accusations

Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner couldn’t care less about the accusations and rumours of Haas copying from Scuderia Ferrari.

The Bond Between Haas and Ferrari Ensues

Haas and Ferrari share a collaborative relationship. The deal with Ferrari is a smart strategy from the American outfit. Since, Haas lags behind in infrastructural and financial prowess in comparison to other outfits on the racing grid. Haas has also been using a Ferrari engine for the past few years.

Now, Haas has faced copying accusations from its rivals on the grid. They think that the Haas car is a reflection of the Ferrari machine. Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner has never been one to pay heed to outside murmurs, and that still hasn’t changed. He recently responded to these flaring accusations.

He stated, “If you do it right, you’re a copycat; if you do it wrong, nobody cares. It’s like, okay, keep saying it, we’ve heard it before. It’s a broken record. It doesn’t affect me at all. I couldn’t care less.”

Haas Trying To Rise Like The Phoenix From The Ashes

Haas showed significant improvement last season in comparison to their abysmal recent past. It displayed shades of their performances from its inaugural 2016 season. Haas managed to secure eight position in the Constructor Championship with the duo of Mick Schumacher and the returning Kevin Magnussen.

Magnussen’s homecoming couldn’t have gotten any better. The Finn secured Haas’s first-ever pole position in their Formula 1 history. He put up impressive performances with a season-best finish of P5. Haas decided against renewing Mick Schumacher’s contract and instead, opted to sign Nico Hulkenberg. Also Read: Lewis Hamilton Set To Be Offered New Mercedes Contract

Financial Budget Cap Vastly Helped Haas

The financial aspect is looking bright for Haas as well. It has secured a crucial sponsorship with MoneyGram that helps them reach the financial budget cap. The introduction of a financial budget cap has thankfully equaled the financial playing field and provides a scope for higher performance from outfits such as Haas. It allows smaller teams such as Haas and Williams to compete on a much more equal pedestal and catch up to the wealthier teams.

This is a much-welcomed change for Haas who were left in a slump after botched and incompatible sponsorship deals with Rich Energy and Russian outfit Uralkali fell through.

Furthermore, after car developments on the VF-22 were below par, Haas decided to sacrifice their season and instead, divert funds for the incoming 2023 season. The money is being used to develop the car for the 2023 season and provides optimism to continue their trajectory up the grid. Also Read: Toto Wolff Opens Up About Mick Schumacher And His F1 Future

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