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Charles Leclerc: List of Poles and their Race Results

The Monegasque won his sixth Pole Position of the tournament.

Charles Leclerc has been in good form at the beginning of the season, he still is. Yeah, no one is better than him at the Quarter Three. The Monegasque won his sixth Pole Position of the tournament. He now currently fifteen poles in total. But he has converted just 4 of them into victories. With Baku, he set the nasty record for the least number of wins from pole positions.

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He won his first ole position at Bahrain in his second ever Grand Prix. He even seemed to win the race but lost due to his engine failing in the final laps. At 21 years 5 months and 15 days he became the youngest pole-sitter for Ferrari ever. His first ever win came from the pole at Belgian Grand Prix, his third pole.

Leclerc has a total of fifteen poles. He currently is 22nd in teh list of most number of poles along with Stirling Moss and Felipe Massa. He is currently third in the number of poles for a Ferrari driver. The pole to race conversion is a mere 26.6%

List of Poles with their Consecutive Results

Serial NumberRace End Result
12019 Bahrain Grand PrixP3, lead the race for majority but lost in last ten laps
22019 Austrian Grand PrixP2, was the leader until the third last lap
32019 Belgian Grand PrixP1. His first Grand Prix victory
42019 Italian Grand PrixP1
52019 Singapore Grand PrixP2, handed lead to teammate after pitting at lap 15
62019 Russian Grand PrixP3, drive through penalty helped Vettel take lead in first lap
72019 Mexican Grand PrixP4, slow pit stop at lap 43
82021 Monaco Grand PrixDID NOT START
92021 Azerbaijan Grand PrixP4, gave away lead to Hamilton in the second lap
102022 Bahrain Grand PrixP1
112022 Australian Grand PrixP1
122022 Miami Grand PrixP2, medium compound tyres struggle
132022 Spanish Grand PrixDID NOT FINISH (engine failure)
142022 Monaco Grand PrixP4, bad strategy in pitting by management
152022 Azerbaijan Grand PrixDID NOT FINISH (engine failure)
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