Charles Leclerc earns his 16th podium and becomes Ferrari’s Third Highest Pole-sitter

Charles Leclerc will start in the front row alongside Max Verstappen on Sunday.

Leclerc after becoming Ferrari's third highest pole-sitter
Leclerc after becoming Ferrari's third highest pole-sitter

France: With a helping hand from his teammate, we saw Leclerc taking the pole position for the seventh time this season. The Monegasque was in pure pace which he described as unexplainable and shocking to him even. Also, The recent development saw him becoming Ferrari’s Third Highest Pole-sitter.

Charles Leclerc now has 16 pole positions in his career. His first one was at the Bahrain Grand Prix, where he became one of the youngest pole sitters ever. The 2019 season saw him earning multiple poles and finishing 4th with 159 points. The next two seasons were dry.

Leclerc started the season with 9 poles. From there, Leclerc found might and pace. He soon overcame the ranks of David Coulthard, Jacques Villeneuve, and Rubens Barrichello in all-time rankings. Leclerc in becoming Ferrari’s Third Highest Pole Sitter overcame Felipe Massa who has 15 poles with Ferrari. He is now behind Niki Lauda with 23 and Schumacher with 58.

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The qualifying was very much intense. The paces kept changing as the pole positions shift from one to another. Leclerc was poised for the pole and he set very high targets in all three quarters. He bested himself again and again. The Monacan pushed himself to a great force. The last lap was crucial as the Red Bull Duo were straight in the front row. Perez and Max leading the race would not be very much exciting to the Prancing Horses.

Charles Leclerc with Carlos Sainz after the latter helped him to become Ferrari's third highest pole-sitter
Charles Leclerc with Carlos Sainz after the latter helped him to become Ferrari’s third highest pole-sitter

Carlos Sainz knew his fate is bad due to power unit penalties and his amazing sportspersonship towed himself to allow his teammate to power ahead. Ferrari exhibiting great teamwork is a sight for sore eyes. And Obviously, We are excited to see more of them.

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